Veggie Fest ON NOW!


Log in to your Webkinz Classic account and start collecting rare seeds! Don’t forget to visit Holly Hopper at the Clubhouse and complete the Veggie Fest Challenge too!


From August 12 – 21, log in to your Webkinz Classic account and look for the floating seed pack. When you click on it, you’ll be awarded a pack of rare seeds (limited to 2 a day for free players, 3 for full and 4 for Deluxe players).


There are 17 different seeds you can collect during Veggie Fest:



You can also visit Holly Hopper in the Garden Center room at the Clubhouse, every day during Veggie Fest.



If you click on Holly, she’ll give you a decoration that you can display in your pet’s yard (limited to 1 Garden Center prize per day). There are 10 decorations to collect from Holly during Veggie Fest:



Looking for a special place to store the food that you can grow with your rare seed? Players who complete the Veggie Fest Challenge from August 12 – 21, will win a Garden Greenhouse that can be displayed along the border of your room! It’s the perfect place to store Farm Fresh Food:



You’ll also receive the Farm Fresh Cookbook when you complete your challenge. Four new recipes have been added to the book. Now you can make the Apple Farm Window, Harvest Pizza, Fall Fair Corn and a Veggie Garden Fence.



The corn and pizza are actually decorative items that you can display in your pet’s room. They cannot be fed to your pet.


Which seeds have you collected so far? Let us know in the comment section below!


65 Responses to Veggie Fest ON NOW!

  1. platynick8 says:

    Does anyone have any extra lettuce, cherry tomatoes, golden delicious, or cantaloupes? I have chili peppers, candy apples, green apples, and snow peas to gift.

  2. platynick8 says:

    Been trying to get the mouse plush with no luck, ive gotten the grey squirrel 3 times already. I really hope I am able to get it tomorrow on the last day

  3. bonesbongo says:

    When visiting Holly Hopper in the clubhouse has anyone been awarded the Iron Wood Watering Can? I play 11 accounts daily, have not got 1 yet just wondering if this prize has been included in the prize pool. Only 1 day to go I sure hope I can get some. ~ shelkinz67

  4. Featherheart says:

    Gosh I hope to get some apple tree seeds! I’ve yet to get any and I’d love to make an apple orchard!

  5. pinkyugly says:

    aw I love the peach tree! hope i get some more peach seeds as veggie fest goes on :)

  6. dirtybaby01 says:

    If anybody needs some seeds, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

    • merzkid says:

      I would love some golden delicious apples and red bell peppers if you have any extras of those! Thanks!

      • Sapphyre6 says:

        I have been trying to get some onion seeds this time, and last time with no luck, despite looking in 3 accounts. If you could share, that would be great! Happy to pass on tree seeds to you or someone else looking! Thank you!

  7. megamom12 says:

    My grandson got a Peach Tree today! I’m so happy for him!

  8. kcnld says:

    Are the garden center prizes random? I was thinking 10 days, 10 prizes…we would get one of each. But now I got an apple crate two days in a row, so I’m not so sure.

    • BeezKneez says:

      They seem to be random – I also got the apple crate 2 days in a row on one account, but another account got different prizes. None of these prizes are brand new so it should be easy to trade for any of the prizes you may miss during Veggie Fest.

  9. dirtybaby01 says:

    Hey kkovacs, i have an extra Maple dipped tree seed packet if you want it. I would love to have an extra Wacky popcorn tree seed packet if possible. Thanks!

  10. phillatte says:

    I really want to get maple dipped apple tree seeds!!! I don’t have any :/

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