Visit The Bake Sale Stand In The Park!


Have you noticed that there is a bake sale stand at the Kinzville Park? Visit it every day to collect baked goods. When you click on the stand, you’ll be awarded a gift box. Drag the gift box into your room and your baked good will be added to your Dock!



There are 5 different baked goods to collect, but you’ll only be able to get one each day:



You can feed baked goods to your pets, or combine them on a stove to make prizes! Look for the Bake Sale Cookbook in the FUN STUFF section of the WShop, under BOOKS.



You can use the cookbook to find out what prizes you can make by combining baked goods on a stove. Here’s a look at what you can make:



The bake sale stand will be available at the Kinzville Park until March 9, however it will be removed from March 1 – 7 during the “Meet the Mayor” event.


On March 10, you’ll be able to visit a new stand, featuring 5 new baked goods! Check the Bake Sale Cookbook: Volume 2 for details!


What treat did you get from the stand today? Let us know in the comment section below…


20 Responses to Visit The Bake Sale Stand In The Park!

  1. Oakridge3 says:

    Does anyone have extra bake sale cookies you could send me? My username is Oakridge3. Thank you so much!

  2. bt4e says:

    I want to make some items but it’s not possible since I’ve not gotten any muffins. I’ve played every day. :(

  3. Elfinlike says:

    was there ever a floor to go with the sweet stripes wallpaper? I love the wallpaper, and thought a chocolate chip floor would have been cute idea with the wallpaper! :)

  4. mojo18x2 says:

    my sapling will not plant.

  5. Rosec8 says:

    My bake goods keep on disappearing. I was hoping to make a room of the recipes

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