Visit the Boho Cafe in the Clubhouse!


The capybara’s Boho Cafe is now open in the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse! This eclectic room features items from fan-designed themes as well as the winner of our Dispenser Design Contest, the new Donut Display Case by e3459d.


Click on the capybara every day until August 31 to receive a random prize – including a chance at a bottle of DIY Dye! Until our next release on August 24 you might get the Retro Furniture Dye, and after the release you might get the Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye.


You could also win cool presentable foods and one of the new donuts from the Donut Display Case Dispenser!





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29 Responses to Visit the Boho Cafe in the Clubhouse!

  1. KSC says:

    Thank you, Capybara Friend, for the nice prizes!

  2. rainyukl says:

    I have only gotten 1 retro dye, I so wanted to get enough for all the outfits. I collect clothes and holiday items I have a lot of kinz cash if only we could purchase them with K cash.

  3. LivingAloha says:

    Has anyone won the retro clothing dye?

  4. emster7 says:

    I’ve been visiting every day but haven’t gotten the dye yet. :( Hoping to get one before it’s over!

  5. kmade15 says:

    This cafe is so cute! Thanks for the prizes!

  6. KittyKittyWest says:

    Can someone name the items above? Whenever I click on it it never shows up in my new section. I know I got two lemonades and today I got the bowl of soup thing but I can’t find it on my dock.

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