Vote for the New Room Theme!

It’s time to cast your vote for the new fan-designed Room Theme that is going to be added to the Webkinz Classic WShop later this year!


From March 3 to 5, 2023 you can vote for your favorite by visiting the Contests page on Webkinz Newz, or clicking the button below. To refresh your memory, we have posted the ten finalists here.


While the final decision is up to the Webkinz Creative Dept., we take the vote into account when making our selection. We can’t wait to see which theme the Webkinz community chooses!





45 Responses to Vote for the New Room Theme!

  1. gingergenie2 says:

    It’s hard to decide. I love the Regency theme, but the Surfer Girl chair is almost identical to one my grandmother had in the 1960s. I’m riding a big wave of nostalgia even though I have no idea what the rest of the theme will look like.

  2. flyinghorse3 says:

    This is such a hard choice. I am trying to decided between Overgrown, Granny Chic, and Surfer Girl.

  3. sammy2 says:

    I like the Regency Theme!!!

  4. sef62 says:

    I like the bird cottages.

  5. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    So many cute ones. Succulent and Overgrown are awesome, Surfer’s cool, Regency’s pretty, Sorceress is neat (though again a bit too “Tangled” in its specific design.) Granny Chic and Birch Cottage are cozy, and Denim is perhaps my least favorite but still swell. Top two are probably Eclectic (which just screams my style, really), and “Tiny Home”–which I’m inclined to choose because that design and pattern rock. Not sure what the deal is exactly (a table with a mirror in the flip-top?), but the way the seat slides into it is so intelligent. Sleek, clean, elegant, efficient design. Especially if it incorporates storage.

  6. fannie says:

    I like the bird cottage theme!

  7. Kitterykid47 says:

    I vote for Granny chic.

  8. astreich001 says:

    i voted for regency theme :)

  9. mybbear says:

    Sun Sorceress Set by iheartroland

  10. shadowstar20 says:

    I really like the Sun Sorceress theme!!!

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