Wacky Weekend Starts Today!


Starting today, play WackyER Zingoz in the Arcade and win 1 of 4 Wacky prizes each time you earn a score of 11,500 points or higher (not available on the Webkinz mobile app). You only have until Sunday, April 19 (ending at midnight, EST), to win the prizes, but there is no limit to the amount of prizes you can win this weekend!



Here’s how to play: Look for WackyER Zingoz in the Games Arcade. During the game, you’ll need to hit Wacky until he reaches the target at the end of each level. Be careful… you’re only allowed a limited number of hits to reach each target!



Each time you earn 11,500 points or higher, you’ll be awarded 1 of 4 Wacky prizes: A Zangoz Knapsack, Wacky Headphones, WackyER Standee or a Wacky Rug:



Remember, the prizes will only be available from April 17 -19 at which point they will be removed from the game.


Which prizes have you won so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


45 Responses to Wacky Weekend Starts Today!

  1. uc0nn1 says:

    I am really terrible at this game and did not win 1 prize. If anyone has an extras and would like to play it forward my username is uc0nn1. Thank you

  2. cakis says:

    got everything but the WackyER Standee

  3. unicorn34567 says:

    If anyone has any extras pls send to unicorn34567! I wasn’t able to log in this weekend and really wanted the prizes! Thank you!

  4. pixiegirl says:

    I can’t get the headphones :(( played and got multiple of the over prizes but still can’t get the headphones! Ugh!

  5. primrose135 says:

    i like the game i get to level 6.i have 6 prizes but i get prizes i already have 3 headphones 2 bookbags and one rug.i wish we could be able to pick our own prizes so we can get what we want.

  6. memethyst says:

    i thought it would be really hard but i managed to get all the prizes within a little less than 2 hours!!

  7. alucard says:

    I am terrible at this game. I can never finish the 3rd level. I only like on Wacky prize, the rug. If anyone happens to get extra rugs, I would love to have one. I’m not asking for a trade, as it is forbidden to trade when not in the forum, but I will pay it forward to another player when I can. My user name is farout1. If you can help, Thank You! If you can not help, then that’s okay too. No worries! :-) Peace!

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