Watch Together to Win! March 7 – 12


Wow! Not only can you earn KinzCash every time you watch a video in the Clubhouse – 25 KinzCash per viewing up to 10 videos a day – right now you can also watch together with the Webkinz Community to earn an awesome prize!


Visit the Watch & Win Room in the Clubhouse to watch videos between March 7 and 12. If you watch 25,000 videos as a Community, we’ll give away a real showstopper – the Quizzy’s Contestant Podium! Note: This prize cannot be sold, traded or KinzPosted.

Be sure to check back on Monday to see if you met the goal – this prize will only be available for one day and you won’t want to miss it!

Please note: You need to have your ads turned on to view videos in the Clubhouse.

67 Responses to Watch Together to Win! March 7 – 12

  1. babyssss says:

    We just put this message on line and they say we already did one. This was only just the first try.

  2. kittenloverz101223 says:

    What is the ganz support email? I would like to contact them.

  3. carn980 says:

    i didnt know you could only watch the videos 10 times max per day per account

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