T-Shirt Design Contest!


We are looking for awesome new designs to possibly add to our Zazzle line of apparel. And who better to come up with amazing Webkinz-inspired T’s than the Webkinz Community?



Between March 8 and April 7, submit your T-shirt designs at the GanzWorld Share Center. Nine runners up will each receive 10,000 eStore Points and the Grand Prize Winner will receive 60,000 eStore Points! That’s a value of $49.99! Plus we may make your design into a Tshirt on zazzle.com in our Webkinz store!


We are on the lookout for designs with a unique take on the Webkinz brand.  We want you to take Webkinz and put your own spin on it. Whether it’s an abstract or stylized version of your favorite pet or a fun twist on one of the sections of the game, we can’t wait to see the creative ideas you come up with.


Entering the contest is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your design.
  2. Scan or photograph your drawing.
  3. Upload it to the T-Shirt Design Contest Gallery on the on the GanzWorld Share Center any time between March 8 and April 7!
  4. Cross your fingers until April 14 to see if your design is one of our ten finalists!
  5. We will share the ten finalists on Webkinz Newz to get feedback from our audience. And on Webkinz Day we will announce the winner! We might even produce the winning design as a Tshirt on zazzle.com!




You can enter as many designs as you want – the more submissions the merrier!


Contestants HAVE to upload their work to the T-Shirt Design Gallery on the GanzWorld Share Center. Never uploaded to the ShareCenter before? Don’t worry! It’s easy. Just watch this video to see how it’s done!


You can use any kind of art supplies that you want! Want to use markers, pencil crayons, crayons. While we will not accept images that have computer generated patterns or graphics copied and added to them, participants may use programs like Paint or Photoshop to color and draw freehand. 


We can’t accept submissions with company logos, or sports team emblems.


Please make sure you save your images as a jpg, gif, or png.


View full contest rules.

95 Responses to T-Shirt Design Contest!

  1. XJosh_SwimX says:

    Did they ever announce the winners? just wondering since its been four days lol

  2. Jrz2000 says:

    When do they decide the winners? (I’m not a patient person lol) Thanks :3

  3. greenmagic77 says:

    Wow! I just looked through all of the webkinz designs! They are all incredible. You all have such amazing art skills! I saw a w filled with different color webkinz by hyphix. It was such a creative idea and really shows what webkinz is all about. I think it could win. I saw many designs by marigrubb. They were all so cute with cool phrases. Cathouse you color so neatly I love your googles! Raeraerae your webkinz painting a w is so beautiful! Kacoon the puppy pocket is so cute! Jrz2000 your horse is so beautiful I am lost for words. Sunsetsparkle your garnet puppy picture is really cute! Could you make an opal one? Megwebkinz your zingoz picture is the perfect idea! It is so neatly colored. Balto1029 your camping picture is adoreable it must of took a lot of time. Webkinz0704 I love your drawing style so much! Tennesseegirl97 I love ur stained glass window! Luckythebeagle I love your stripes shirt. It is one of my fav music videos. Atterrag that is so cool you hand painted on a shirt! I could keep going but that would take to long. Lol! My point is every single one of the designs are unique and amazing in their own way! Don’t be sad for whoever does not win. To me everyone is a winner. I could not pic a favorite it is to hard. I bet ganz feels the same way. Good luck to everyone! And wishing everyone a happy easter with their friends and family! :)

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