Webkinz Behind the Scenes: Newest Webkinz Adoption Gifts!


The Onyx Monkey and Maltese Puppy are the newest pets to arrive in Webkinz World so we thought it’d be fun to show the concept drawings for their adoption gifts!


Concepts drawings are created by a 2D artist. These drawings act as a visual guide that a 3D artist can use when they create the final items to be used in game.


Check out the Banana Split Kabab and the Jungle Climber, the adoption gifts belonging to the Onyx Monkey. That kebab looks delicious:



Now here’s a look at the Maltese Puppy’s adoption gifts (Mini Maltese Marshmallows and the Ball Pit Slide). It looks like all 7 colors of the rainbow were added to the slide after the concept drawing was made:



What is your favorite PSI and PSF ever? please leave your comments below…


63 Responses to Webkinz Behind the Scenes: Newest Webkinz Adoption Gifts!

  1. sophiegrace567 says:

    Cute stuff!

  2. drtolli says:

    I thought the marshmallows looked like slippers.. now that is a cool PSI thought…

  3. pandasgotswag says:

    My favorite PSI has to be the Peace n Love puppy’s couch thing. I don’t have a favorite PSF.

  4. 1954tiny says:

    SORRY BUT I look at the marshmallows and all I think is ” THESE WOULD BE ADORABLE SLIPPERS FOR MY PETS !!”

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