Webkinz Classic Wheel Prizes Updated!


Spin each wheel daily to win prizes for you pets, including a brand-new Wizard Window that was designed to work with the Wizard room theme! This new window has been added to the Wheel of WOW on the Webkinz Classic Desktop App and the Webkinz Classic Mobile App, giving you two chances to win one every day!


Available on the Wheel of WOW until March 14, 2023:



Available on the Wheel of WOW (mobile) until March 14, 2023:



Available on the Wheel of Deluxe until March 14, 2023:



Available on the Vacation Island Wheel until March 14, 2023:



Did you manage to win the new Wizard Window? Let us know in the comment section below…


39 Responses to Webkinz Classic Wheel Prizes Updated!

  1. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Okay, so last night I saw the window & was like, “Mom! Look!!” And then I just remember Goober’s promose & got it today on another account!! Tysm, Goober!! BUT DANG, I DIDN’T GET THE GUITAR CASE ;-;

  2. ANUGENT says:

    I didn’t get them either and I have 14 accounts.

  3. megamom12 says:

    So, the first spin on the new wheels…and I get the cool new window! I’m so very happy!

  4. bonesbongo says:

    Great prizes! I love the NEW Wizard Window I have got six so far. I WISH the Wizard Window would look like it does in the picture when placed in a room. The moon does not appear when placed on the wall 99% of the locations. I have only been able to find one spot to actually see the moon when the window is in the room. It is only appearing on the left wall near to the left of the door area in one spot. If you have a door that is visible you will not be able to see the moon, the window size is too big when placed. When I look out my windows if there is a full moon I can see it from any location in my house not just one spot. I hope that this will be fixed with the next update and also have the window to be placed higher on the wall not off the floor.

  5. tynutta says:

    feels like the prizes on the vacation wheel go through the same rotation every few months.. they need something new added as well! why isn’t goober bringing one new item to every wheel instead of just one?

  6. duckess1 says:

    Most of Sheldon’s items are too expensive and most people do not need more than one of an item. It has been a LONG, LONG time!

  7. BH1464 says:

    Does anyone have the guitar case “closet” or the lamp that were on the Wheel of Wishes prior to this update? I was not able to land on either of those prizes even once. I would really appreciate it if someone has an extra of either of these prizes they would be willing to send to me.

  8. gingerdare says:

    I love the window! Thank you for putting it on two wheels to give us more chances at winning it!

  9. ANUGENT says:

    I got the window, but there is no moon. I’ve tried it on both walls, but no moon shows up. Is this a glitch?

  10. schuckersd says:

    love the new wheel prizes. wish you would change the souvenir shop gifts. get tired of the same stuff. thank you

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