38 Responses to Webkinz Classic Wheel Prizes Updated!

  1. sydandbri says:

    add me!! sydandbri

  2. Sollace says:

    The vacation beach outhouse needs to be retired! !!

  3. Abby3584 says:

    I was happy to get the signup sheet, glasses, arches and more. Thank you for a great change up.

  4. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    I wish the cherry tomato seeds (along with a few other seed packs) didn’t have a glitch that prevents me from selling the duplicates. Every time I try to sell them it says something about data and a bunch of numbers can’t be found. It then proceeds to log me out of the game. I have an entire room full of seeds that I don’t want that can’t be sold because of this glitch.

  5. lucylane556 says:

    Wow, I want everything!

  6. Sooners77 says:

    Best prize ever is the Dining Out Table! I got one yesterday and was so happy. Now I need about 10 more for my Pizzeria and Saloon rooms. Thank you, thank you. Please offer this table again in the near future. I also love the pink cupcake. Hope I gets lots of them also.

  7. gingerdare says:

    Can we still use the Wheel of Wow cookie to make the Autumn Window? They were really pretty and I wouldn’t mind having some more as long as the recipe is still active.

  8. KSC says:

    I love the rocky arch. Hoping for a sign up sheet. Fingers crossed!

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