Webkinz Close Up: Snow Globes!


Webkinz World has many wonderful things that you use to decorate your pet’s room. However, even if you zoom in, sometimes things are so small it’s hard to appreciate all of the detail and work that goes into creating them!


Even when it’s not winter, Snow globes make cool collectibles.  We’ve created many of these beautiful baubles over the years, many of which are so creative that they should be displayed with distinguished delight!


Here’s a closer look:



2011 Santakinz Snow Globe

Happy Hamster Snowglobe

Holiday Hamster Snow Globe

Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe

Kinzville Mountain Snow Globe

Kinzville Snow Globe

Magic W Snowglobe

Mayor Dr Quack Snow Globe

North Pole Snow Globe

Party Snow Globe

Polar Plunge Holiday Snowglobe

Polarberry Jam Snow Globe

Santakinz Snow Globe

Snowcat Snowglobe

Snowflake’s Snowglobe

Snowman Snow Globe

Thanksgiving Snow Globe

Wacky Zingoz Snowglobe



Have YOU collected any of these sensational snow globes? Let us know in the comments below!


33 Responses to Webkinz Close Up: Snow Globes!

  1. calabelle says:

    I have them all. The SNOWCAT snowglobe is my favorite!!!!! I noticed the W snowglobe doesn’t work. Hope y’all get it shaking snow soon!

  2. julieperkins says:

    I had no idea there where so many!

  3. chickenlittleROX says:

    Thank you Lollipop21 for the excellent information – much appreciated! Congratulations on having them all:)

  4. beerfeet says:

    Wow I was surprised to see I have nine of these! My favorite is the Santakinz Snow Globe

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