Webkinz Newz Week Starts Today!


Webkinz Newz Week runs from April 22 to April 28. Remember to log into Webkinz every day to meet Ella in the Newz Room in the Clubhouse, Michael in Kinzville Park, Steve on the Map of Kinzville, Mandy here on Webkinz Newz, and Sally floating around Webkinz Newz! Click on each of them to earn a prize, and help the Newz Team plan a party to welcome the Kiwi by completing the Kiwi Party Challenge on Webkinz!


Reminder: Events on Webkinz Newz reset at midnight GMT, which is 8pm EST. Please make sure you wait 24 hours between attempts, or keep the reset time in mind when collecting your prizes. 

79 Responses to Webkinz Newz Week Starts Today!

  1. wolution says:

    If anyone has an extra signed Steve poster could they possibly send it my way? Would really appreciate it!

  2. bubbashuka says:

    Is it sad how much I was fan-girling over getting all 4 signed posters?! Cause I really was, haha! XD

  3. pinkbluerainbowgirl says:

    Does anyone have an extra signed sally poster and men’s blazer?pinkbluerainbowgirl

  4. LPSfriend says:

    If anyone has an extra Sally or Steve signed poster, could you send it to me? LPSfriend

    • bubbashuka says:

      I have one extra Signed Sally poster you may have. :) If you have the men’s Newz team pants that’d be wonderful, if not, no worries! Enjoy! ~bubbashuka

  5. WebPets19Love says:

    Does anyone have extra pieces of the Newz Team outfits? I was off of Webkinz all week and didn’t get to collect them all. I’ve only gotten two Newz Team women’s blazers. Would anyone be kind enough to send me the skirt, jacket and pants please? WebPets19Love

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