Challenge: Plan a Party for the Kiwi!


The Kiwis are coming! Everyone has a chance to adopt this adorable fan-designed Medallion Pet, the new Kiwi Bird! To welcome all the Kiwis to Webkinz World, the Newz Team is throwing a Welcome Party in the Webkinz Newz Room in the Clubhouse on Webkinz Day!


But first, they need your help! Log into your Webkinz account (web only) between April 22 and 28 and complete the Kiwi Welcome Party Challenge! You’ll need to purchase some cupcakes, and feed your pet Webkinz Newz Soda for the party. Plus, get all snacks ready by playing Pizza Palace!


If you complete the Challenge by midnight EST on April 28, you’ll get your prizes – an adorable costume based on the new pet!

Then, on April 29, bring your Kiwi – or one of your other pets dressed as a Kiwi – to the Kiwi Welcome Party in the Webkinz Newz Room in the Clubhouse! Watch for more information about the Party on Webkinz Newz!


114 Responses to Challenge: Plan a Party for the Kiwi!

  1. superbunnyannie says:

    Sally Webkinz, I do not have the Kiwi Welcome Party Challenge on my challenge bar when I log in. Is there something I need to do to activate the challenge?

  2. MaddogRocks1124 says:

    I’m not gonna be able to finish the Challenge because I can’t play the Pizza Palace game because my Account isn’t access to all the games:(:( Will someone be able to send me a Costume? my account is MaddogIsSoAwesome:):)

  3. socer10 says:

    I completed the challenge and got the hat but nothing else

  4. lynxkitty says:

    IM SO EXCITED!!! so much to do on webkinz day (and i get to spend it with my webkinz friend too!!

  5. pikachu7777 says:

    Sally Webkinz, will kiwi medallions become unavailible after April or will they be awarded for games and as a log in gift like other pets?

  6. Krishna1896 says:

    Is there another way to collect Kiwi Bird Medallions besides them floating around? I won’t have enough to redeem the Kiwi Bird even with the 25 coming on Webkinz Day. Can some prizes around Webkinz be changed to Kiwi Bird Medallions?

  7. pusheenlover says:

    Where can I get the soda?

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi @pusheenlover! The fizzy newz soda is one of the items in the giftboxes that we have been getting by clicking on the hosts in the various places that they indicated that they would be in WW and on WKN. If you drag the giftboxes into your room in WW, the prizes will appear in your dock. Feed the fizzy newz soda to your pets to get credit for the kiwi challenge. Good luck!

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