Webkinz Next R1.6 Release Notes

Our first release of 2021 brings our popular Winterfest event to new Webkinz along with two room themes and some exciting features that could really surprise you!
Winterfest has arrived! Collect up to five snowflakes a day for exciting winter prizes, including fun quilt floor tiles and the all-new Polarberry Bush from which you can harvest Polarberries!


We’ve taken Winterfest up a notch with two side events. First, every snowflake you catch also gives you… a snowflake! This new crafting material can be used to create your very own Snow Fort! This recipe is available from now until January 31st on the Carpenter’s Workbench (available in the W-Shop).

Second, we have an all-new type of challenge that can get you an amazing winter prize…

Community Challenges

Working on challenges is fun… working together is AWESOME! We’ve added challenges where everyone works together on a single goal. If the goal is reached, everyone who participates wins! Whether you contribute just a bit or a whole lot, you’re doing your part.


As our first Community Challenge, we need you to… collect snowflakes! Yes, just enjoy Winterfest and you could win this spectacular Ice Pond.

Photo Mode

Take screenshots in Webkinz like never before! Get the angle you want and zoom into your favorite pet to get the perfect photo and save it to your PC or mobile device to share with friends or online. We can’t wait to see your best photos!


New Room Themes

Two of the most popular Classic themes have made their way to Webkinz Next!
The Winter Theme is perfect for these cold months and appears here in all its icy glory. This theme is in the W-Shop now for Kinzcash.


For those who love our premium themes, we have brought over the beautiful Homespun Theme. So warm and cozy, this theme looks great in any home.

Crafting Bags in the Arcade Shop

We’ve heard that some players are having a hard time getting the crafting materials they need. So for a limited time we’ve added Crafting Bags in the Arcade Shop for just 100 Game Tickets each. Now playing your favorite games can help you out even more!

Too Cold for Flowers in Kinzville

The snowy weather has put a stop to flowers growing in Kinzville, but don’t worry, they’ll be back in the spring. We’ve also heard that a certain day coming in February might warm the ground enough for some very special flowers to appear…

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

81 Responses to Webkinz Next R1.6 Release Notes

  1. lizzietoo says:

    I spent 750W (a big chunk!) on an additional room, and it didn’t show up!

    • antonia18 says:

      I had to buy a room 3 times before to pop up and now when I decotare it the floor is look kreepy and tiles moving on,I tryd to add neogothic flooring on and tiles vanish…so maybe just wait before to buy again

  2. Miggy says:

    I want to ask Sally Webkinz if the two themes are only going to be available for a limited time?

  3. envirocharles says:

    could you tell us if the snow fort recipe will be removed once january is over? or will we be able to make it a after january. Also is the new room theme only temporary or here to stay

  4. Sgirl16 says:

    Ok, so I bought 2 unicorns (1 was the plus), a bear, & have used the sparks to make 3 babies and I unfortunately missed seeing all these comments, and possibly other places where people might be discussing the whole Rare/Rainbow Limited Edition plush pets and how many had been won already…because I have tried twice since the announcement, and also spent the MONTH(!) trying trying to be patient for the 1st baby pet which was an ‘uncommon’ pet to grow into an adult so I could have a better chance to get one of the unicorns ….

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      I just wanted to let you know that your feedback has been passed on, but could not be posted here in full because it far exceeds our usual comment limit in size.

  5. LadyBeauty says:

    I am so frustrated! Friday afternoon I was on New Webkinz for an hour and a half and no snowflakes. I was out in Kinzville and puttering around in my home and yard and nothing. I have been on the site this afternoon as well and nothing. One actually was flying this morning before I had to sign out and sign in for work. One other day I was on for a long time and I got 2. I have 13 and should have been crafting my Snow Fort tomorrow. At this point I won’t have enough snowflakes by Friday, which is the last day I can play New Webkinz until Monday. Microsoft won’t let me down load it on the library’s computer like I can Classic Webkinz, because they say I already own it on my laptop. I don’t take my laptop with me when the weather is bad (my laptop usually stays at work because that is were I use it the most and have internet access.) and I don’t have internet at home. So now I probably won’t get to craft this prize. ♪♫ LadyBeauty♪♫

  6. marylou says:

    I have bought some craft bags as well but have not found any dirt!

  7. dwtsfan says:

    in the baby showcase there was a world name i type in the friend thing but i said no use by this name

  8. FridaysChild says:

    I missed the community challenge for the stroller. It came and went so fast because so many people were working on it! Will I still be able to get a stroller?

  9. Grandma52 says:

    I am so confused. I am playing the new version of Webkinz and am currently a free player. Can anyone PLEASE tell me, which pet I need to purchase to be a regular player, and also where do I buy the pet. Thanks

    • FridaysChild says:

      You can buy any pet and you will be a regular player. Go to the adoption center and click on the cash register and you’ll see the possible pets. Hope this helps!

  10. ohiomommyquilter says:

    Since the update, I see petz behind games while I’m playing. I love that I can get the needed craft bags in the game room but I still have not been able to find the dirt for the plant in the craft table.

    • Fedorovgirl says:

      Agreed on both counts—no dirt in /any/ craft bags I’ve won or bought (at least two dozen) and there are miniature versions of other peoples’ pets showing up within the Tile Towers game. Glitch?

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