Webkinz Trendz: November 6, 2022

I am so excited about the launch of the new Webkinz Next Season launching tomorrow, that I thought I’d show off my Next avatar modelling a few of the pieces you can win during the Fantastic Fairground Season! I just love pairing the bright colors of the cute Cupcake T-Shirt with the monotone Striped Flare Pants, and the Hamburger Watch, and Giant Plushie Backpack add even more whimsy to this adorable ensemble! Be sure to check out the Fantastic Fairground Season, starting November 7, 2022!


And here are some more adorable ensembles, from both Classic and Next!



Missed the last Trendz? You can check it out here.


Want to send me one of YOUR pet’s outfits? Take a screenshot of your pet in the ‘Dress Your Pet’ window and send it, along with your username, to webkinztrendz@ganz.com




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17 Responses to Webkinz Trendz: November 6, 2022

  1. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Sassy is so pretty!! What wig is that?

  2. beerfeet says:

    There are some great fall clothing choices. PlentyofPenguins is Fallin for Fashion with that great color combination. Sassy Ready for Fall is so pretty. Little boy blue is a lovely Moon Bear Rhino in the gray coveralls. A great showing.

  3. glitchwave says:

    i love steve

  4. mfaull says:

    Love the sheep in wolf’s clothing!

  5. catloverdoglover says:

    OFF TOPIC: Hey Sally, I have a question. In Classic, on the vacation wheel, I have gotten about 5 change huts and non of them show up in my dock…and I really need them for a room design. Please rely as soon as possible!! -Brooklyn

  6. gingerdare says:

    Off-topic question, if someone would be kind enough to answer me, I received an email stating that my auto-renewal for deluxe membership has been turned off & I could still enjoy my membership until December 2020. I always turn off the auto-renew shortly after I buy my membership, so the email & the dates are quite strange. Did anyone else run into this??

  7. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    So happy to see Callie wearing one of her favorite fall outfits! I always love seeing the fabulous outfits other pets are wearing!

  8. kaye10 says:

    hi all! hey, cute outfits and quips–who knows where the wolf costume is from/how to get, btw? BUT, my real reason for checking in here today–is NEXT going to fall back an hour or not (they are still on DST)? thx & best, k.

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