Webkinz Update #220

Today is the release of a new Webkinz update! Here’s what’s new for you and your pets to check out:
A brand new Toadstool Theme is now available starting today and is a great way to add a little bit of enchantment to your pet’s rooms! Head over to the W Shop to see all the different items, and while you’re there, why not have a look at all the other awesome themes too?


The Webkinz community continues to amaze with their accomplishing of#OneWebkinzWorld and sharing their amazing stories about Webkinz with their pets.


Everything is ready for the upcoming Play Days starting this Friday and lasting until Sunday (Aug. 8-10). There’s a lot happening, including the reveal of the famous Neon Tutu (if we reach 500 memories over at the “Stories We Love” article!).


To find out what’s in store, check out the recent article by clicking this link!


The August Deluxe Challenge has arrived and it’s a wet one! Be ready to splash around in Dashing Dolphin, make wishes in the Wishing Well and end your hard work with a trip to Vacation Island.


Not a Deluxe Member and want to join in on this challenge and tons of other great features? Visit the Ganz eStore to join today!

127 Responses to Webkinz Update #220

  1. Pandacakehopper1 says:

    What happens if u lose your code? Because I had a code for my kitty webkinz and I can’t find the code I hid it somewhere I looked there and nothing! :((((((((((((((((((

  2. ilovepups127kinz says:

    I wish i was membership

  3. Fracktail says:

    I know this wasn’t included in the update elaborated on above, but I noticed that after the site was temporarily unavailable, the KinzChat+ dictionary changed (as well as the format for the text box on the bottom, which now includes “red words” again). Is this permanent, or a temporary glitch? I’m only asking because I can’t say some of the words that I used to, most of which are completely harmless (for example, I was looking for someone who had the Deluxe Majestic Monocle in the Trading Room, but strangely, the word “monocle” is forbidden when it wasn’t before). Thank you in advance!

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