34 Responses to Webkinz Valentine’s Day Events 2020

  1. Alicia1 says:

    guys someone who is deluxe can help me i need 2 things BEACH HOUSE CARPED AND A TV my name is cameliusa.

  2. morggin420 says:

    i havent been on for awhile so all my friends no longer have webkinz add me morggin420

  3. OakleyJerzy says:

    This is unrelated but I found out that there is a webkinz flute. I REALLY want it but I can’t seem to get it!! I play the flute and I’d really love to have it… If anyone who has it would part with it- If not that’s ok- Can you friend me at OakleyJerzy. The reward is three rare items or two rare, one exclusive (I only have a couple of exclusive because I trade them often, So I’ll have to check and see if I have a good one)

  4. LunarTheCat1 says:

    Omg the collection is so cute!

  5. sweetiepiesix says:

    Alphaowbear that is a wonderful idea. Please Michael.

  6. BrandeeStephens says:

    I’m so excited for this year’s Valentine’s Event. I missed out last year so I’m excited to participate in it again! The prizes are great this year. I hope I didn’t miss out on some great ones last year but, I’m sure I did. The prizes are always amazing.

  7. KittyXCat says:

    I think Webkinz is adding a new otter. I see there is one in the lake on the Webkinz home page that I have never seen before.

  8. 2SkyesMom says:

    I received a Valentine Mail Box from either the Wheel of Wow or Deluxe Wheel and the mailbox can be opened, but what goes inside it?

  9. jewelov says:

    I want this fox in this images!

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      Ah I know! Isn’t it just so pretty? It’s called the Tranquility Fairy Fox. I don’t think you can buy it anymore, though.. =/ I think it might have been a limited time or Deluxe thing.

  10. Alphaowlbear says:

    The Valentine’s Day Gift Box is so pretty – simple but elegant. I wish we could place it as a room item like we did with that one Easter Basket. l love the new chocolate designs, too – so pretty! – gosh, I love chocolate! I’m fine if I don’t have any around, but when I do it takes all my willpower not to binge.

    • Traveller says:

      @alphaowlbear Our love of webkinz isn’t the only thing we have in common. LOL

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Lol! Unfortunately that is an image of a gift box from the past. You actually won’t be getting a Valentine’s Day gift box this year. Your prize will be automatically added to your Dock the first time you log into your account on Valentine’s Day. Although, I will keep your idea in mind for future prize ideas Alphaowlbear…

      • Alphaowlbear says:

        Thank you, Michael! All the gift boxes we receive are always so unique and pretty – many thanks to the creative design team for making our holidays so special. It really would be so fabulous if the gift boxes became a decorative item that we could use to store our new goodies once we’ve opened the box. :-)

      • Willynuggles8 says:

        Micheal webkinz is there any plans in the works for getting a codeshop on mobile webkinz world i can only get net threw my phone ty

      • rainbowmaddie14 says:

        hi Michael

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