Webkinz Votes 2016: Dr. Quack Runs For Mayor Of Kinzville!



Hello Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof here with a special report! Yesterday, Mayor Cowabelle announced that she will be resigning as Mayor at the end of the year and has called an election to find her replacement!


Earlier today, I was there as Kinzville’s favorite former doctor, Quincy Quack, made his formal announcement, entering the race for mayor.






Dr. Quack: Hoohoo! Hello my fellow citizens of Kinzville! It has always been my ambition to serve our community and to make it better.  A couple of years ago, this initiative is what led me to work with Goober on the medical research which eventually saw the end of all pet sickness in Webkinz World.  While this also meant that there was no more need for a town doctor, I gladly retired and closed the clinic, knowing that it was all for the greater good.


Retirement has been wonderful, as it has given me time to reflect both upon myself and my goals. I know there is still much I can do to help my fellow citizens. When our wonderful Mayor Cowabelle confided her desire to step down, I saw the door open on a new opportunity for service.


It is on that note that I would like to officially announce I will be running to become the new Mayor of Kinzville!


I want to build on the solid foundation that Mayor Cowabelle created in this community during her term and expand into a new era of prosperity!


During my retirement, I have continued my research into new ways to improve the lives of Webkinz pets. I am pleased to tell you that I have discovered several new recipes which have the potential to help pets always be at their best! Recipes that can completely boost a pet’s Happiness, Hunger, and Energy with just one bite! As your new mayor, I would be able to make this recipe research a reality!


So remember on November 30th to vote for Dr. Quincy Quack—the cure for a better Kinzville!




Meet Dr. Quack himself at the Kinzville Park starting TODAY and running until Tuesday, November 8th. He will be giving out a daily gift containing 1 of 3 prizes; a campaign sign, hat or plushy! (limited to 1 prize per day, per account).


***THIS EVENT IS AD SUPPORTED. Your ads must be turned on to participate in this event.



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz on November 30th. Every vote counts! What do you think of Dr. Quack’s campaign promises? Will you be voting for him on November 30th? Please leave your comments below…



This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


On Twitter? Follow Dr. Quincy Quack @md_quack!


Check out the platforms for the other candidates: Dex DangerousAmanda Panda and Salley Cat!

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