Dex Dangerous Runs For Mayor Of Kinzville!


Hello Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof here with a special Webkinz Votes 2016 report! Dex Dangerous famously ran for mayor during our first election back in 2014. He lost to mayor Cowabelle but has decided to run again. Dex has released his campaign speech today which you can read below…



“Dear loyal fans and citizens of Kinzville… I’m back! That’s right, many of you thought I couldn’t win the mayoral race the first time around… and you were right. However, I’m ready for my starring role as your new mayor of Kinzville! I mean, who is more qualified to lead this great town than yours truly?


Don’t get me wrong, I thought mayor Cowabelle did an excellent job in her role, but now it’s time to keep the adventure going by electing me, Dex Dangerous, as mayor of Kinzville! I have proven to be a great leader, hero and overall handsome guy. Yes, these have been roles I’ve played in the movies, but I’m pretty sure I could play the part in real life too. Plus, my schedule has really cleared up lately. I’ve only had like, 2 auditions in the past year! Okay, I’ve only had one audition in the past year. Okay fine. As your favorite new mayoral candidate I’ll be honest… I haven’t had an audition in over a year but, I’m hopeful that the phone is going to start ringing pretty soon!


In any case, if I become mayor I will send everyone on 2 great adventures in the Adventure Park next year! I’ll even let you, the great citizens of Kinzville, pick the adventures together. This is going to be great, and if you elect me, I will be the greatest mayor Kinzville has ever seen! Trust me, I’m on T.V.”


From November 9 – 15, visit Dex Dangerous in the Kinzville Park and click on him to receive one of 3 campaign prizes: the Dex Dangerous Campaign Sign, Cap and Plushy (limited to 1 prize per day, per account).


***THIS EVENT IS AD SUPPORTED. Your ads must be turned on to participate in this event.



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz on November 30th. Every vote counts! What do you think of Dex Dangerous’ campaign promises? Will you be voting for him on November 30th? Please leave your comments below…



This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


Check out the platforms for the other candidates: Dr. QuackAmanda Panda and Salley Cat!

191 Responses to Dex Dangerous Runs For Mayor Of Kinzville!

  1. IndigoZap says:

    He’s back. =D

  2. dog36809 says:

    Dr. Quack for Mayor!!

  3. kittymade10 says:

    I only got the sign when I went to the park. (For Amanda)

  4. pingponglov3 says:

    well, as long as the 2 adventures aren’t the Dragon’s Den quest, then I am in! I love adventures. Too bad the daily quests are so repetitive. I sure would like some new prizes and items.

  5. sullivanriley says:

    I do not understand why this makes him such a great mayor. Yes, he got the looks of a great actor, but he does not have the intelligence to even think about running for mayor. Do you know what I think? I think he is a distraction. He is trying to distract us from what is really going on. Mayor Cowabelle wants to win again. Oh, but she couldn’t possibly win again with all the new people running. And that is where Dex comes in. All he has to do is through his words around enough to knock all the other competitors out of the running. Then when it is him and Cowabelle he will turn his campaign around so much so we have no excuse but to vote for Ms. Cowabelle for mayor once again. Now, This is not me being against Mayor Cowabelle. She is a great mayor, teacher, and friend. She has taught my Webkinz well. But with that being said, she does run for things that I do not stand for. But I will be voting for her if the others don’t show another side to them. Have a wonderful day.

  6. violetflower24 says:

    Who would want to vote for him? His slogan is, “Vote for me i’m on Tv,” stupid right? I really don’t want him for mayor. Even when he says he will give us two Adventure park adventures, I really don’t care. I can live without two of those.

  7. madki2 says:

    I wold vote for Dr. Quack instead of Dex because while adventures would be fun, we only get 2, where Dr. Quack promises something more lasting

  8. polarberg says:

    I like Dex better than Dr quack because I like Adventure park.

  9. bunniesareevil3231 says:

    i don’t really like Dex Dangerous as much as Dr Quack because he’s so self-centered. But, the Dr only said he was going to make food to help with your pet’s happiness, hungriness, and sleep bars. I will wait and see what the other people running have to say before choosing who to vote for!

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