Salley Cat Runs for Mayor


Hello Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof – back with a final Webkinz Votes 2016 report! Salley Cat, a close friend of Mayor Cowabelle and member of the ‘Kinz, has joined the race. You can read her speech below.



“Hey, Kinzville! First off, I want to congratulate my good friend Cowabelle on her amazing job as Mayor! She’s proven that age is no limit when it comes to running Kinzville, and I hope you’ll remember that… because now it’s my turn!
“You may remember that I was new in town once, and I sometimes had a rough time of it… but you know what helped turn everything around? The friendships I made with others, especially the ‘Kinz! And a big part of our friendship is getting together and having fun. Now, it’s true that going on an adventure can be fun (the ‘Kinz do love Adventure Park, after all!), but Dex is only giving away two adventures, and Amanda Panda and Dr. Quack’s campaigns are great but they could be more fun.


“No, what I want is a more permanent way to up the fun factor in Kinzville! What’s the best part of going to school? Recess! Even Ms. Cowoline knew that, which is why I’m taking up her cause and promising to reduce the number of days until Recess from 15 to 10! That’s more digging, more hopscotch, more merry-go-rounds and more finding Wacky!


“If you think Mayor Cowabelle did a good job, then you should agree with her that a ‘Kinz who understands kids’ issues should represent them as Mayor. Vote for me, Salley Cat, on November 30th and I’ll make sure the FUN IS HERE!


Salley Cat

Fun Is Here”


From November 23 – 29, visit Salley Cat  in the Kinzville Park and click on her to receive one of 3 campaign prizes: the Salley Cat Campaign Sign, Cap and Plushy (limited to 1 prize per day, per account).


***THIS EVENT IS AD SUPPORTED. Your ads must be turned on to participate in this event.




Don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz on November 30th. Every vote counts! So what do you think of what Salley Cat had to say? Will you cast your vote for her on November 30th? Please leave your comments below…



This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


Check out the platforms for the other candidates: Dr. Quack, Dex Dangerous and Amanda Panda!

123 Responses to Salley Cat Runs for Mayor

  1. Mace_the_Cat says:

    Bring back the tutor option!

  2. notwen says:

    I wish people weren’t so negative about who to vote for. I feel like this is the only bad part about voting for a new mayor, is people’s negativity. I, honestly, am not sure that I favor any of the choices for mayor over the others. I think my best bet is Amanda Panda. Please don’t yell at me for posting who I think is best.

    • redhead226 says:

      You’re right, notwen. I 100% respect your opinion, and I would even if I wasn’t voting for Amanda (I probably am). It can be interesting to see people’s different opinions and why they have those opinions. Thank you for reminding us to be respectful. #CivilizeItWEBKINZ :)

    • kitkat2004 says:

      lol i agree!! but i do think that dr quack would make a wonderful mayor!! not to be rude, but sally cat works at adventure park and i dont think she is ready to be mayor of Kinzville!! sorry sally!!

  3. parkkari says:

    Vote for Dr. Quak

  4. 1955tiny says:

    I am voteing for AMANDA . I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO RETIRE BEFOR it retires for a CHANGE !!!

  5. polarberg says:

    I do not like doctor quack because he does not do much to webkinz world.

  6. TopHatCat999 says:

    I looked in Kinzville park, but I can’t find Salley Cat!

    • 1955tiny says:

      YOUR ADS ARE OFF you have to turn them on 1st. I have 2 servers FireFox with AD’S ON and CHROME where i play cause its faster. AD’s can and will slow games . I use ADBLOCKER PLUS TO STOP the ad’s . I use idea how to get on “WHITE LIST” I got help here in WEBKINZ Newz search the blog to find it. gl

  7. ShayNayNayCool says:

    Doctor Quack has been, and still is, my choice! Good luck to all of the candidates either way, though!! #DrQuack2016 #Cure4Kinzville

  8. emperorvondog says:

    I think I am voting for Dex Dangerous. Though I love Dr. Quack, so if Dex doesn’t win and Dr. Quack does, I am happy! It’s so hard, since they all have something to offer!

  9. bbjbmom says:

    they should do a debate

  10. orangewing2020 says:

    This is one tough election, I’m voting for the doc this time round but good luck to the others as well! Anyone else know who they are voting for?

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