Celebrate the Season with a Webkinz Christmas Tree!


Christmas is a special time in Webkinz World. Over the years, Webkinz has offered many different trees for your yuletide decorating desire. This year, you’ll find 3 trees in the W-Shop that will definitely help everyone in Kinzville feel more festive.  The Sparkling Christmas Tree is perfect for indoor decorating, while the Town Square Tree will make a great centerpiece for your outdoor Christmas village. And don’t forget to add the Kinzville Christmas Tree to your map to help the entire town celebrate the holiday spirit!



54 Responses to Celebrate the Season with a Webkinz Christmas Tree!

  1. RomeoBlue says:

    Do you have to be a full member to buy these? If so, then ughh!!!!! Not Again

  2. kizi12345678 says:

    I love the festive fir tree <3

  3. quiltingqueen2 says:

    When you find the cinnamon puppy and win the money , how can you spend the money?

  4. Delaylablue says:

    I wish the 2005 were still at the wshop. So sad because i didnt play webkinz that time );

  5. bbjbmom says:

    you should be able to buy them with epoints 2005 2006 they are the best

  6. lamb says:

    The 2013 Red Bow Christmas Tree (AT THE BOTTOM under Parents Club!!!). How do you get it? Does anyone know!?!?!

  7. silverknux1234 says:

    Awesomee! Now I can decorate my Christmas Room!

  8. lilypugrulestoo says:

    Yes I was expecting a different Christmas and Halloween theme too. I would love to have the previous years trees available…..love the Silver Tree

  9. Hunnypoo128 says:

    Would love to see some of the older trees come back!! Especially the blue ones and the purple ones…but love them all!! I would like to have an indoor Christmas Tree!!!

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