Celebrate the Season with a Webkinz Christmas Tree!


Christmas is a special time in Webkinz World. Over the years, Webkinz has offered many different trees for your yuletide decorating desire. This year, you’ll find 3 trees in the W-Shop that will definitely help everyone in Kinzville feel more festive.  The Sparkling Christmas Tree is perfect for indoor decorating, while the Town Square Tree will make a great centerpiece for your outdoor Christmas village. And don’t forget to add the Kinzville Christmas Tree to your map to help the entire town celebrate the holiday spirit!



54 Responses to Celebrate the Season with a Webkinz Christmas Tree!

  1. JRS1 says:

    Okay, today I found, and purchased, the Exquisite Tree in the estore. It was under Festive Weekends. Reasonable price too. Thanks Ganz! I’m going to go put it in my newest Christmas room now.

  2. JRS1 says:

    Oops Exquisite Tree was 2009 not 2008. I think I have seen a lot of those other trees this year in estore. I’ll double check to make sure I didn’t miss this one, but I think it was some type of reward for collecting some, if not all, of the Christmas Ornaments.

  3. JRS1 says:

    I really love the 2008 Exquisite Christmas Tree. I wish that would be available again. Also, it indicates the Red Bow Christmas Tree is available this year from, apparently, Parent’s Club, but I haven’t seen it. Currently there is the Click to Win pieces of the Winter Wonderland theme and a couple other icy items. The Red Bow tree looks a lot like the one available this year for the Kinzville map but, hopefully, if I can find a Red Bow tree it is a size to go in an indoor room. I’m always bummed when I see something I like and it ends up being a map item.

  4. apollor says:

    i really want them

  5. Lilly1 says:

    they do make trees for inside your rooms. I have some of them in my Christmas Rooms.

  6. Jess says:

    There is tree pictured above for the Parents club that is available for 2013. How do we get it? I haven’t seen anything on the parents club site???

  7. 13grammysgirl2 says:

    I like all of them but my favorite one is the silver one in 2005.

  8. PANDAGIRLK9 says:

    AWSOME!!! :)

  9. Nevie_Boo says:

    I love that Glittering Gem Tree!

  10. sydneyz says:

    i love all the trees i want them all and i mean it there sooo pretty <3

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