What’s Next in March?

March is soon here and these are some of things you can expect to see!

  • Leprechaun Chase: March 11 – 17
  • Spring Celebration Theme: March 19 – April 19
  • Easter Egg Hunt: March 27 – April 9
  • Player Appreciation Day: March 28

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



13 Responses to What’s Next in March?

  1. marroncream says:

    So exciting!! I’m looking forward to the spring theme and egg hunt, I hope the rewards have those super cute spring colors

  2. Sonari says:

    Sounds like fun stuff! Can’t wait! I wonder what that tricky ‘ole green hat wearer has in store for us? Sidebar- Please fix zoom out! Farming is already difficult enough with having to manually replace each exhausted plant (rather than a pop up replacement option after soil collection? Hint hint) especially when they glitch out sometimes and you have to log out and back in, or your webkin suddenly decides to teleport to the property entrance at random intervals. Talk about needing luck!

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Wow, the leprechaun in Next, huh? And noooo, no more toy chases =/

  4. boogieshoogiebear says:

    no new pet? :’( at least the new theme sounds exciting

    • BoulderPrarieHome says:

      I would like a special pet for each season, like the Gingerbread Puppy for December, how about a special bunny for Spring, and a Valentines Cat.

  5. ZadiraMM says:

    Ohhh.. I hope we all have the Luck of the Irish in the month of March! :D

  6. lemony says:

    Looks like another fun month in Next :0

  7. cutieaccount says:

    KarenaJ, I think I might be able to help you with your problem. Make sure your advanced editing isn’t clicked on. I noticed if I have that on than I can’t plant in the plot. I hope this helps. Happy weekend all!!

  8. KarenaJ says:

    I seem to be encountering a glitch concerning my farmer’s plot. It won’t allow me to replant new crops.

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