What’s Next in Webkinz Next – August

Here’s what you can expect to see in August after the Webkinz Next release!

  • Kinzville Academy
  • Elegant Blush Capsule
  • Player Appreciation Day (August 18)
  • Season 6 begins (August 27)

This month’s park schedule:

  • August 3: Steve and Michael
  • August 17: Sally and Mandy
  • August 31: Steve and Betty

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



49 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next – August

  1. cowtown2 says:

    what can i play webkinz next on anyone, have an ideal i play classic and next, i need a device that does both, my desk top wont play next started this month, im not good at what works, i have used the app on phone, but only classic thnaks, what can i get any help, it worked untill first of august, the next wont load after i log in goes to the w on the statue then after that the loading page is half way, so many are trying to help me, but only us real players knows what to do, thnaks i miss my pets on next, i was newer to it, but i still miss out.

  2. PRINCESS6501 says:

    So is the academy open just not for adult pets because each time I go it’s says “Coming Soon”

    • Funny283 says:

      Actually, no, PRINCESS6501. I have 2 adult pets and tried the academy and it worked for both pets. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the next app.

  3. BoulderPrarieHome says:

    I was looking for the Hosts on August 17th, but no one was there at 3:00 Webkinz time. Has the time changed. Mandy has not been on for 15 hours, so I don’t think I have missed her. I really wanted to talk to her to thank her for being so kind to me.

  4. lucylane556 says:

    Does anyone know if the Academy will be for adult pets, too?

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