What’s Next in Webkinz Next – August

Here’s what you can expect to see in August after the Webkinz Next release!

  • Kinzville Academy
  • Elegant Blush Capsule
  • Player Appreciation Day (August 18)
  • Season 6 begins (August 27)

This month’s park schedule:

  • August 3: Steve and Michael
  • August 17: Sally and Mandy
  • August 31: Steve and Betty

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



49 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next – August

  1. WeeBonnieMissMaggie says:

    Season challenges…how do we skip to higher levels using diamonds? Also, I read that unclaimed prizes can be claimed for 35 days after the season ends. How do we do that? Sally Webkinz, thank you for patiently helping us with our problems! :)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      To skip a tier and earn the prize associated, you would click on the Diamond that’s on the tier you’d like to unlock. This does not unlock the Season pass prize unless you already have the Season pass. You cannot skip tasks specifically, only tiers. When you log in after a Season ends, any unclaimed prizes are awarded to you automatically as long as you log in within that 35 day time.

  2. A_Wild_Stormy says:

    Ahh, so exciting! I can’t wait for the Academy to open it’s doors. You guys are doing such a great job so far! I’m looking forward to the future of Next.

  3. cowtown2 says:

    sally can you help me, after the token thing, I cant log back onto next, I cant get on it since Friday evening, I have installed the app again, and emailed the webkinz team about it, but, I’m not sure do I have to join micro to play it, is this new, and if I clicked on clear game cache what does that mean when it says you will have to redownload some of this app again, thanks, new to next, use to classic, thanks, is it just me, or have you had trouble to get on the next game,

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Clearing the cache just means it deletes files on your computer that it had previously downloaded to run the game. You just download them again when you log in. If you’re having password issues, you’ll have to wait for customer service to get back to you.

      • cowtown2 says:

        ok thanks, i still cant get it to load, all the way, I thought i did something wrong, thanks, I play classic, and I came over from it, never had to redo it before, thanks, i miss being able to play next, thanks Sally,

  4. Mummabean says:

    Thank you Sally! The game token issue is fixed. We appreciate your help! I like when the challenge is to collect so much kinzcash – I just keep trying each day and it adds up even if I’m not very good at the game, like polar plunge!

  5. WeeBonnieMissMaggie says:

    I bought three game tokens for week three of Season 5, but they didn’t count??? Also, is there another way of sending a baby to daycare if we don’t have a baby? And, the arcade challenge is way too difficult!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Game Token issue is being investigated. You must have a baby to send one to daycare. You have until the end of the season to accumulate 150 KC on Hoppy Little Rocketship.

    • cowtown2 says:

      same happened to me Sally, and i logged out and i cant get back on game, i have cleared the cache and restalled the game, and everything it wont load all the way, thanks, I didn’t get my three tokens added today either, it was Friday evening est for me about five pm, I think, thanks, i thought it was just me,

  6. PRINCESS6501 says:

    Hey where would I find the people in the park?

  7. laylawnee says:

    I bought a season pass for this season, but I still haven’t received the recipe card. Sally can you help me?

  8. aoi says:


  9. Beckinz8 says:

    I think this announcement calls for a quote from one of the greatest minds of the 20th century: “I’m just a-yearning for some learning!” (Goofy ~ An X-Tremely Goofy Movie trailer) XD

  10. PupKid008 says:

    Can’t wait for the academy to open!!

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