What’s Next in Webkinz Next – December

Winter will be arriving in Webkinz Next, which means your house and Kinzville will be transformed into a winter wonderland!

Here are some other things to watch out for:

  • Candy Cane Collection
  • Toy Chase
  • 2 New Christmas Themes
  • Christmas Day login gift (December 25)
  • Player Appreciation Day login gift (December 26)

Watch Webkinz Newz for more details!

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19 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next – December

  1. beerfeet says:

    Sally Webkinz can you please tell us how to remove an item from the interior walls that are always collapsed, except through camera view? If the front door is south, the wall on the right is east and I can’t remove something I was able to put on the wall from the outside. I put the Owl wall stickers on the east wall and now I can’t remove them. I can only see them in camera view. Also on the wall with the front door I can’t remove the whale shaped key holder. I have tried changing the room view under options but it won’t keep the walls in view. Thank you.

  2. gingerdare says:

    I have a question, although I’m not sure if anyone has an answer. I bought the Christmas tree in Next today, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I tried to send it to Classic, because I already had some items to match it. That was not available. I then tried to sell it back to the W Shop and was told that it could not be sold. What gives??? How can I buy something from the W Shop (for kinzcash, not diamonds) but be unable to sell it back if I’m not happy/don’t want it any more??

  3. bkbauer says:

    Is the kinzcash machine won through family score supposed to award coins? I won the machine and placed it in my room, but it does not give me any coins.

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    This might sound weird, but once the snow arrives in Kinzville, when my pet makes a request to go swimming, I feel really bad taking them for a swim in an outdoor pool. LOL!

  5. readersrock2015 says:

    Way to go next! Hope we see some Christmas pets in the adoption centre ;)

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    This will be my first Christmas on Next and I am so excited! I am really hoping that one of the two new Christmas themes will be for KC. I just used all my diamonds to adopt a second pet. After the crazy indulgence that was Black Friday weekend, I will probably need to wait a little bit before making any more purchases. Will we be able to ask friends to help us with our Candy Cane collection? Is Toy Chase a new game, or will toys be popping up all over the Kinzville map and we will get to collect them, like the flowers? I think that it is wonderful that we receive a gift on Christmas AND Boxing Day!

  7. ChaseGamerDude says:

    I’m excited for this again! Also, TWO new Christmas themes? I thought there was just gonna be one? Awesome!

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