What’s Next in Webkinz Next – June

Here’s what you can expect to see in June after the Webkinz Next release!

  • New rare theme in the Curio Shop (Art Nouveau)
  • Stardust Capsule
  • Our first PVP game
  • Season 4 begins (June 16)
  • Player Appreciation Day (June 16)

This month’s park schedule:

  • June 8: Michael and Steve
  • June 15: Dorothy Lou and Sally

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



20 Responses to What’s Next in Webkinz Next – June

  1. gemghosties says:

    new theme is so cool!!

  2. Grandma52 says:

    When I was growing up, I had 7 siblings and chores we were expected to do chores, but never received cash for them. Now I am older, a lot older :) and have a limited income. I like to play but won’t pay for cash for the items. I just have fun doing the challenges.

  3. kaye10 says:

    i agree–someone can use your help out there (some parents are harsh–good news is that when YOU become a parent, you can be generous to your children & make up for their frugality!). hope this helps, but has worked for me :) best, k.

  4. Ellen1970 says:

    I wish i could get WebkinzNext – i tried loading something that said it was WN but looked nothing like it!

  5. KSC says:

    I can’t wait to see the Art Nouveau theme!

  6. Resonatingthunder says:

    The new rare theme is sooo pretty! Also, “first” PVP game? That means there is more coming after Atomicolicious?? :D (I love PVP games)

  7. EmeraldAutumnWish says:

    A stardust capsule? If it’s space-themed, I want one!

  8. SirChristian7 says:

    I suppose the Stardust capsule is another unobtainable (unless you want to dish out loads of money) Seasons capsule?

    • Resonatingthunder says:

      Umm wdym loads? The season pass is not expensive at all, last season I got 3 tulip capsules plus a bunch of other cool stuff for less than $10.

      • SirChristian7 says:

        For a kid who only makes money twice a year (birthday and Christmas) $10 is a pretty good sum of money.

        • EgK says:

          Same, I only get money on Christmas and my b-day. Also when I visit my family in Italy and the USA. My parents won’t just buy me random things on Next. But does the Stardust capsule replace the Ladybug capsule? Resonatingthunder, try convincing my parents to buy the Season pass. I wish I had it!

      • PrinceHuskyworth says:

        That wouldn’t be bad if we had paying jobs, but most kids don’t.

        • Resonatingthunder says:

          Yea, fair. :)

        • kaye10 says:

          hi. not sure if you are old enough to work, but this is the best time ever to get jobs as not enough adults WANT to work & so many jobs of every variety are available right now (sometimes you can be younger & do things like bus tables, etc,). if you are old enough to be a lifeguard, those jobs are begging for people. if too young, i’ll bet you can get creative & sweep a neighbor’s driveway or clean their yard, etc. did you know the guy who started Ikea was only 17–bet that wasn’t his first job! anyway, hope some of this helps someone & good luck :) best, k.

      • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

        Ditto! It’s really not a bad deal! I wish that they’d reduce virtual pets to 100 like on Classic and babies to 50.

        • crazy4wk says:

          What do you mean about 100 virtual pets like on Classic and 50 babies. I have more than 100 classic pets. I would like to see them giving away gift boxes for how many pets you have. EX: 50 pets= sm prize; 100 pets = medium prize, 150 or more = big prize. And not the same old prizes they keep giving.

    • percaroma says:

      SirChristian7 – just a suggestion…is there any way you can earn money by doing ‘extra’ chores? Or, helping a family member with a cleaning/landscaping project? Sometimes an elderly family member would really appreciate (with a little money) any help you can give them.

      • PrinceHuskyworth says:

        I keep my room clean, do my laundry, clean the kitchen, take out the trash, and do around 25% of the yard work, in a family of 6, but we don’t get allowances.

        • percaroma says:

          Do you have any neighbors or elderly relatives that could use your yard work skills? Or anyone that needs spring/summer cleaning help? Sometimes just having someone help rearrange stuff or getting up on ladders to clean the corners can be a great help.

  9. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Ooh, a lotta fun packed into Ju-u-une!!

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