White Chocolate Eggs Still Available!

Have you seen the Cartons of White Chocolate Eggs yet? They are available in Ganz eStore and for eStore points in the W-Shop. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop. Drag and drop a carton of eggs into your pet’s room and your White Chocolate Eggs will be added to your Dock.


There’s plenty of cool prizes and each time you feed your pet a White Chocolate Egg you’ll win a prize. Here’s a room with some of the items you can win (excludes wallpaper):



Remember, each time you feed your pet a White Chocolate Egg, you’ll have the chance to win the Grand Prize: A Weathered Hot Air Balloon!


24 Responses to White Chocolate Eggs Still Available!

  1. cliffordearl says:

    I purchase 2 cartons of eggs every year except this year I purchased 1. I was so surprised I won the Balloon, it is in a room alone. Now does the wallpaper, white ducks and those purple things come in eggs? Do you buy the paper and floor from the estore?

  2. frodo says:

    My only former complaint about buying the 6 packs of eggs is that you used to get a duplication of prizes. It doesn’t seem to be the case this year, only with milk chocolate eggs, many of which were freebees so who can complain about free eggs, right? The gifts from the 6 pack were great this year , I even won the hot air balloon! I have bought multiple 6 packs of eggs since Webkinz sttarted them (or since I joined) and have never gotten an empty egg.

  3. CeriLestrange says:

    i do not believe that you had bought a pack last year. I believe that you are only saying that so they will feel bad or to look down on webkinz. my account was hacked once, by someone I gave the password. when I logged back in, half my stuff was gone. I called Webkinz…back then they had a phone… and they not only gave me my stuff back, I also got my first 10,000 epoints and a new pet for the trouble. The person’s account was disabled, according to the tech on the phone… now, days have changed and time has gotten older, and things have turned around upside down… but webkinz is still webkinz and they do us right. very right.

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol I think not. I used precious estore points last year and bought a six pack of white eggs. 1 of the eggs did turn up a prize, one that had I already had, and the other 5 held no prizes whatsoever. No thank you!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      That shouldn’t have been possible. Did you contact customer service?

    • GoGanz24 says:

      Why did you buy more last year? Last year you said the same thing about the year before. It doesn’t make sense that you would buy even more last year if the previous year’s egg problem hadn’t been resolved. Also, how did that happen two years in a row?

    • suzanneauntie says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the six pack of white eggs. What happened to you wasn’t fair at all!! I have to say contacting customer service hasn’t helped me! Last year I had 5,000 estore points. I was saving my points to buy something special. When I logged into the game the next day, I only had 2,500 estore points. I contacted customer service and explained to them that I hadn’t used the points. They wouldn’t give me my points back. They basically told me that they knew I didn’t spend the estore points, but according to the rules they wouldn’t return them.

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