White Chocolate Eggs Still Available!

Have you seen the Cartons of White Chocolate Eggs yet? They are available in Ganz eStore and for eStore points in the W-Shop. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop. Drag and drop a carton of eggs into your pet’s room and your White Chocolate Eggs will be added to your Dock.


There’s plenty of cool prizes and each time you feed your pet a White Chocolate Egg you’ll win a prize. Here’s a room with some of the items you can win (excludes wallpaper):



Remember, each time you feed your pet a White Chocolate Egg, you’ll have the chance to win the Grand Prize: A Weathered Hot Air Balloon!


24 Responses to White Chocolate Eggs Still Available!

  1. Beckinz8 says:

    I love, love, love the purple lilacs (esp. in real life)! I’d love to get a bunch of those and some of those cute baby swans (cygnets). That wallpaper is gorgeous! What is it called and where can we get it? I think it’s funny that your windows show us the options of a rainy spring day on one wall and a sunny spring day on the other wall. Nice touch!

  2. 16matt03 says:

    I like this.

  3. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Whoa.. that’s a really nice room. I wish I could get some more of those white chocolate egg prizes though. Out of the two free white chocolate eggs I got, all I got were the wildflowers, which was kinda disappointing. >.<

  4. Maddie4 says:

    What is that wallpaper and door called? It is so pretty

  5. RRB says:

    I wish they gave a couple of white eggs with the Easter basket. Odds of getting the balloon if you manage to get one white egg are not very good. Very nice balloon prize.

  6. Catqueen2014 says:

    I really like the baby ducks and geese! I hope they make more things like this!

  7. Catqueen2014 says:

    Wow! I wish it was cheaper then I’d get it.

  8. bubbashuka says:

    I wish I had estore points! (I have only 100!)

  9. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:


  10. Emmaflammering says:

    I really like the balloon prize this year.

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