Who Will Be Named the Greatest Webkinz?

Which is the Greatest Webkinz Pet of All Time?


April 29, 2015 marks TEN YEARS of Webkinz, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are inviting YOU to help us choose which pet should be named THE GREATEST WEBKINZ!


Starting on Webkinz Day, visit Webkinz Newz every day to cast your vote.


With so many wonderful pets to choose from, we knew it would be a massive undertaking to narrow down the list. In order to get the ball rolling, we have created a shortlist of 32 of the most beloved pets of all time.


Over the next 10 days, Webkinz Newz will feature each of the 32 finalists, and explain why we felt these pets were special enough to make the list.


So come back tomorrow and meet the first four finalists.


Then get ready to cast your vote for THE GREATEST WEBKINZ!


214 Responses to Who Will Be Named the Greatest Webkinz?

  1. RainbowDash716 says:

    My favorite is the Timber Wolf. I don’t like the Chiuaua because it looks like a cat.

  2. horselova360 says:

    I’m voting for the Bernese Mountain Dog!!!

  3. Mockingbird_Inc says:

    Chihuahua vs. Bernese Mt. Dog = Bernese Mt. Dog
    Cheeky Cat vs. Cheeky Dog = Cheeky Dog
    Sherbet Bunny vs. Gingerbread Pup = Sherbet Bunny
    Tigerlily Pup vs. Love Puppy = Tigerlily Pup
    Bernese Mt. Dog vs. Cheeky Dog = Bernese Mt. Dog
    Sherbert Bunny vs. Tigerlily Pup = Sherbert Bunny
    Bernese Mt. Dog vs. Sherbet Bunny = Sherbet Bunny

    Snowy Owl vs. Spotted Turtle = Spotted Turtle
    Timber Wolf vs. Iberian Lynx = Timber Wolf
    Orangutan vs. Silverback Gorilla = Silverback Gorilla
    Panda vs. Signature Panda = Panda
    Spotted Turtle vs. Timber Wolf = Timber Wolf
    Silverback Gorilla vs. Panda = Silverback Gorilla
    Timber Wolf vs. Silverback Gorilla = Timber Wolf
    Sherbet Bunny vs. Timber Wolf = Sherbet Bunny

    • Mockingbird_Inc says:

      Winged Tiger vs. White Tiger = White Tiger
      Rockerz Lion vs. Hound Dog = Rockerz Lion
      Magical Retriever vs. Golden Retriever = Golden Retriever
      Flutter Pig vs. Pot Bellied Pig = Pot Bellied Pig
      White Tiger vs. Rockerz Lion = Rockerz Lion
      Golden Retriever vs. Pot Bellied Pig = Golden Retriever
      Rockerz Lion vs. Golden Retriever = Golden Retriever

      Whimsy Dragon vs. Ice Dragon = Whimsy Dragon
      Googles vs. Baker Squirrel Monkey = Googles
      Unicorn vs. Ribbon Unicorn = Unicorn
      Midnight Monster vs. Night Mare = Midnight Monster
      Whimsy Dragon vs. Googles = Googles
      Unicorn vs. Midnight Monster = Midnight Monster
      Googles vs. Midnight Monster = Googles
      Googles vs. Golden Retriever = Googles

  4. Nosaroni says:

    I am rooting for two, the Bernese Mt. dog ( Cuz its so cute I wanna squeeze it) and the Ice Dragon (cuz it’s the only Webkinz on the chart that I is my friend. By friend I mean ‘adopted’ but I like to think of it as getting a new friend rather than adopting a pet.

  5. rraccoons says:

    i think either googles or gorilla since i hav both plushes

  6. Emilypup says:

    I say the googles is my favorite pet.

  7. pinkeez2002 says:

    I can’t decide which one I want to win, might mare or timber wolf?

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