Will Amanda Panda like the New Egg?


The St. Bernard Puppy just isn’t sure why its Spring Egg Recipe isn’t working out. It couldn’t be the special Rainbow Frosting – the Puppy has tasted that and knows it’s scrumptious! But there is something about the combinations of ingredients that the puppy has been trying that just don’t work.


But this time the puppy thinks it might have it just right! Since the St. Bernard Puppy is wishing for success, it decided that the best place to find the next taste-tester would be the Wish Factory! Will it be a case of third time’s a charm? Unfortunately the puppy’s wishes didn’t come true today. Amanda said she was sorry but she just didn’t think that the puppy had perfected the egg recipe.

24 Responses to Will Amanda Panda like the New Egg?

  1. PupKid008 says:

    I’m so sad for the St. Bernard. It’s a little depressing. :(

  2. elizton says:

    I think the puppy should go ask Chef Gazpacho for help

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