Win a Longhorn Steer!

May’s Pet of the Month is the Longhorn Steer and you could win a virtual Longhorn Steer in time for May if you enter our Longhorn Steer contest!


Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

This April marks our 12th anniversary! Tell us your top 10 Webkinz World memories for a chance to win one of five virtual Longhorn Steer adoption codes (the Prize).

Limit of one entry per Webkinz Newz account.

Please use the contest entry form – do not leave the answers in the comments.

Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on April 30, 2017.

34 Responses to Win a Longhorn Steer!

  1. SUNNYJAM says:

    Where is the peek a news????

  2. Amandy79 says:

    I belong to Webkinz of the month club and I just got a Berry Cheeky Monkey in my May Webkinz package? ?

  3. animallover13218 says:

    Oh my gosh, I have this webkinz and I love him to death!

  4. nada says:

    If i got him, i’d name him Rodeo!

  5. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    Aww, this pet is really very cute! If I won him, I’d name him Bevo

  6. chocolateprincess357 says:

    I Can’t wait to see who wins, though I’m sure everybody had great entries. Happy April Fools/Fred and George’s birthday. :D

  7. hamsterpet11 says:

    top 10 webkinz world memories eh… Hmm… I got a lot… Well, here goes!
    1) when I first got my webkinz!! It was a lil’ kinz blue hippo-and that was the start of webkinz world <3
    2) When I first got a W gem on the gem hunt, I was like, "AHHH, SIS, LOOOOK!!!"
    3) Do these have to be happy? Well, if not, I remember when I lost my account-sad day, but I got a new one later!! :D
    4) When I got my 2nd webkinz (a lil kinz st. bernard)
    5) I made my brand new webkinz account ^0^
    6) When I made it all the way to the shopping mall in spree-that was a great day xD
    7) When I first invited a friend over to my room-oh boi, that was exciting!!
    9) When I realized that I could get kinz chat plus-a great day xD
    10) The best out of all, the best memory ever, loving my pets on webkinz world <3

  8. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top 10 Webkinz Memories? More like Top 20 Webkinz Memories. I don’t think I could enter this. =P I’m a really old player.

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