Winter Clothing Available Now!

Be sure to head to the KinzStyle Outlet on Webkinz Classic to check out the new winter line of clothing! Combine 3 different pieces from the winter line to discover the two new clothing recipes.

Remember to pick up your favorite pieces from the 2022 Fall Clothing line — they’re in the clearance section now.

37 Responses to Winter Clothing Available Now!

  1. mochidochi says:

    I love the winter clothes!

  2. The_Green_Ninja says:

    If anyone can help me my username is BEXTHEBIRD

  3. The_Green_Ninja says:

    Hi Webkinz I’ve been having a hard time trying to make these. I really want the Jumpsuit and would love to know what the recipes are :c

  4. Pinkl97 says:

    I must be doing something wrong. I have tried several different pieces and keep getting patchwork clothes.

  5. jjp123 says:

    Those pjs! They are adorable!

  6. Pinkl97 says:

    These are so adorable! I love that you can combine three pieces of clothing to get new things. Thank you, Ganz.

  7. sweetiepiesix says:

    I hate to complain, but of the new 12 clothing items, only 2 were not Deluxe. So bummed they are soooo… cute.

    • Steve Webkinz says:

      For the 12 nnew Winter Clothing line items, 5 are available for Deluxe Members, 5 are available for Full Members and Deluxe Members, and 2 are available for everyone.

    • bright1234 says:

      sweetiepiesix i can send you the deluxe clothes i try to send all my friends that are not deluxe when new things come out that are deluxe, only ones you cant send things to are free players

  8. shirshir says:

    please someone can send me these clothes?

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