Winterfest Has Arrived!



From January 1 – 15, look for falling snowflakes and click on them to earn Winterfest prizes. You also have the whole month to complete the Adventure Scouts Challenge and earn your winter camping badge and plaque!


Click on a button below to see what you can win during Winterfest:






Watch Podkinz episode 152 to learn more about Winterfest in Webkinz and Webkinz Classic!


68 Responses to Winterfest Has Arrived!

  1. KSC says:

    Happy New Year everyone! Happy Winterfest too!

  2. crosbywife says:

    I also can’t play Spree, a jumbled error message comes up and it boots me off back to login

  3. BeezKneez says:

    Off topic here – deluxe memberships are half price today only – it’s a real savings

  4. Alphaowlbear says:

    Ganz Team – I cannot play Spree this morning on any of my accounts. I get a garbled error message that logs me out of Webkinz. I see that it’s not just me that it is affecting.

  5. PupKid008 says:

    Maybe I saw this wrong, but I think there’s two recipes for the campfire showing on new recipes.

  6. rach1794 says:

    I’m trying to play Shopping Spree (on a mac) and it’s kicking me back to the log in screen.

  7. rach1794 says:

    Hi – this is related to the desktop version (mac) Is there a way to have my mac dock (which is at the bottom of the screen) not cover the webkinz doc which is being “cut off” so I can’t see quantities. As I share this computer with someone who doesn’t like change – moving the doc to the side isn’t an option nor is hiding the dock (if it’s even possible) each time as I’d be sure to forget to unhide it. Being able to adjust the size of the window to the point of reducing the size of the icons around the edges would help (especially as I know that the size of the mac doc can vary in height!

    • nicoliosis says:

      I am on MacBook as well. There are ways to hide or move the dock, like for me it disappears unless I bring my cursor to the bottom of the screen. You can go to the settings app on your MacBook, go to dock, which is the third to the right from the top for me, and reposition it. Like for example, you can move it to the right, left, on the bottom, or even make it really tiny haha. I would probably just switch the settings back so whom you are sharing the device with doesn’t mind.

      • bobme248 says:

        Nicoliosis – yes I know I could move the Mac dock but the computer I use is the one my husband also uses and he doesn’t do well with any kind of technology changes. I know I’d forget to switch it back. I’ve made it a bit smaller – we’ll see if he notices. My main complaint about the desktop app is the inability to resize and move the screen.

  8. greencar says:

    I am so excited!!!!! LOVE the prizes! Happy New Year and a fantastic Webkinz year to everyone!!

  9. bonesbongo says:

    I also wanted to pass on that is Error is appearing on certain accounts. 4/11 of my accounts I was able to play Spree Game.

  10. donkeyhooves says:


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