You Spoke and We Listened – Rename Your Rooms!


We are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, starting tomorrow you will be able to customize Room names in your Pet’s House!



And it couldn’t be easier! All you do is go into your House and choose the ‘House Map’ in the top left corner. Then click on ‘Name Your Room.’ You will be prompted to select the room you would like to name. A text window will open and you can type in whatever name you would like for your pet’s room.



Whether it’s Salley’s Creative Nook, Cowabelle’s School of Theatrical Arts, or even Stoogles’ Disco Dance Floor, now you can name your room to fit its use exactly and change it up whenever you decide to repurpose your space.


We can’t wait to hear some of the fun new Room names you come up with!

196 Responses to You Spoke and We Listened – Rename Your Rooms!

  1. kirkbot says:

    Wow I have that many rooms just not 2 tree tops and their just Not all big rooms

  2. nanaglow says:

    I remember when I first played Webkinz I could name my Webkinz pets rooms all by myself. Thank you Ganz for bringing this back. I was so disappointed when you took out that feature.

  3. thejoshyshow2 says:

    Horray but now when will we able to sell and move rooms?

  4. Webkinz User says:

    i have it

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