You Spoke and We Listened – Rename Your Rooms!


We are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, starting tomorrow you will be able to customize Room names in your Pet’s House!



And it couldn’t be easier! All you do is go into your House and choose the ‘House Map’ in the top left corner. Then click on ‘Name Your Room.’ You will be prompted to select the room you would like to name. A text window will open and you can type in whatever name you would like for your pet’s room.



Whether it’s Salley’s Creative Nook, Cowabelle’s School of Theatrical Arts, or even Stoogles’ Disco Dance Floor, now you can name your room to fit its use exactly and change it up whenever you decide to repurpose your space.


We can’t wait to hear some of the fun new Room names you come up with!

196 Responses to You Spoke and We Listened – Rename Your Rooms!

  1. frid says:

    Sweet!! I am always confused on which room is which:}

  2. animallover1998 says:

    can you also make it where you can upgrade your room like from small to medium/medium to large for like 300KC more instead of having to buy a new room when you need a little more space?

  3. granitethecat says:

    We used to be able to do this, before they changed it. The old way was super strict about what you could type, though. Now it’s back! Yay!

  4. fofaley says:

    This is how it USED to be. A long time ago. Glad it’s back!

  5. misspotomus says:


  6. TB123WEBKINZ says:


  7. faewiffboo says:

    omg can’t wait. i put all my psi’s in “special” rooms and now i can call them PSI rooms and not just “the storage room” yay yay yay yay can’t wait to get on webkinz! so happy :) and exited.thanks a LOTS ganz!

  8. breyerhorsecollector27 says:

    Awesome! :) When i first started playing Webkinz, this was out and then gone… AND NOW BACK!! :D

  9. 1happymamabear says:

    This will bring me back! I was so tired of losing things because I couldn’t name the rooms according to what was in them. Thank you Ganz!

  10. lemonlimeheartx says:

    I never knew about the naming rooms. did Ganz delete this, then brought it back? well I’m much happier now that it’s here. thank you Ganz!

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