Throwback Thursday: 2011 Flower Collection!


Valentine’s Day is coming in February, and so is Cinnamon the Hamster! Back in 2011, Cinnamon could be found in the Kinzville Park at the flower stand, handing out roses. When players collected all of the roses, they won a beautiful flower bouquet!





From February 7th to the 14th, Cinnamon will instead, like last year, be handing out chocolates to collect! What will be the grand prize? Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to find out!


53 Responses to Throwback Thursday: 2011 Flower Collection!

  1. 29051979 says:

    i have alls

  2. popy380 says:

    next year, i think cinnaman should give out heart decorations to put on our walls. the grand prize would be a big heart with tons of different colors and it would take up three spaces on the wall! each small heart would be one single color and take up one space on the wall. then we could scatter hearts all over the walls! >~pop~<

  3. CLS954 says:

    Really enjoying the “throwback Thursday” articles. I have all of these flowers and they are beautiful. It would have been so nice to be able to send them between our accounts or to our friends. I’m sure there are some boys on WW who don’t really like putting roses in their rooms. Looking forward to this years prizes. Thanks Ganz! CLS954 aka cinderlou

  4. darlynd says:

    I like the idea of collecting flowers – maybe to build a garden like we built our trees in the fall! We can collect Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees.

  5. djh89 says:

    I loved the flower collection event. It was really fun.

  6. babetteab says:

    Actually, the flowers are old not new lol! I never undestood why ganz gives food items as prizes when most of us would prefer prizes our pets could use. When it’s a food prize I usually skip it, which sadly is almost always lately. Sigh!

  7. Chrystal77 says:

    I loved the all the rose vases and the grad prize bouquet from 2011! I would like to do something similar again with flowers because I LOVE all flowers.

  8. wintertreasure says:

    So we can’t get the flowers?!? They are beautiful….please bring the flowers back!!

  9. StarrLoop says:

    I was only able to collect five of the flowers and I have them in my room. They are very pretty!

  10. tinygma says:

    OK WHEN does this start Feb 1st or what date ??

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