Sneak Peek: Halloween Costumes!


From September 30th – Nov 10th, head to the KinzStyle Outlet to pick up the NEW Aztec Queen and Football Pro (Blue Team) costumes! Also available at the outlet are the Dark Queen and Firefighter costumes, back this year by popular demand!


Looking for last year’s Boy and Girl Gnome costumes? This year they’re ONLY available from the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile. You’ll find them in the Mobile Zone section of the shop. The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**.



Want some more costumes to add to your collection? From October 20th – 31st, look for the floating Jack-O-Lantern in Webkinz World and click on it to win a piece of clothing from one of the following 3 costumes, including the NEW  Football Pro (Red Team) costume (limited to 5 costumes pieces per acocunt, per day):



Which costumes are you looking forward to getting the most? Do you have an all time favorite? Please leave your comments below…



54 Responses to Sneak Peek: Halloween Costumes!

  1. blindfold11201 says:

    Maybe I should call her Aztec Queen!!!

  2. blindfold11201 says:

    I think my pet would look terrific in The Viking Costume. I like the others too, but my Viking Queen (I’ll call her) would but be awesome!

  3. tuvix says:

    i totally want the robot costume but where do you get it

  4. kin2832 says:

    Awesome costumes!!!:)

  5. hellokitteh says:

    I love them all! I’m most excited for the aztec queen

  6. heartlandblvd says:

    Are we are going to be able to show off the new costumes, by trick or treating again this year???? it was fun and I like the sweets

  7. CLA_soccer says:


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