Choose A Gift From SantaKinz


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to meet SantaKinz in the Clubhouse! From December 1st – 24th, visit SantaKinz in the SantaKinz Clubhouse room and click on him to tell him what you want for Christmas.



You’ll have three gifts to choose from but you’ll only be able to pick one. Here’s a look at this year’s choices:



You must log into Webkinz World on December 25th to get your gift. It will be inside your 2019 Christmas Gift Box which is automatically added to your Dock when you log in on Christmas Day!


If you can’t wait until Christmas to get your gift, you can always buy this year’s gifts directly from SantaKinz, with eStore points, once you have chosen your free gift. If you buy them from SantaKinz, they will be added to your Dock right away.


Which gift will you be choosing? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…



21 Responses to Choose A Gift From SantaKinz

  1. Bubblilious1 says:

    Oh it took me some time to find this again and I had check. I just noticed that we get a picture of the pet we take to see Santakinz! This is totally awesome. I love it. Has it always been this way. I have never noticed. If so, can I have pictures of all my pets from days gone by. LOL

  2. JustWhateverNamePlease says:

    Is SantaKinz actually working for anyone else? I just get stuck in an unmovingline for minutes at a time. I actually made it to SantaKinz’s lap once, but my place in line was still listed as 2 and nothing at all happened. I sat there for six minutes before giving up. Can I just skip this and take my chances that I’ll randomly get a gift I want on Christmas?

  3. minty263 says:

    I wish everyday we could get a gift.

  4. landoftheweirdos says:

    Plushy lovers unite!

  5. bubbashuka says:

    Oh my goodness, I NEED the guitar!! I cannot wait to get it!

  6. habibi24 says:

    I love the guitar belt!! Now, if we could only wear the belt with a dress.

  7. emster7 says:

    Definitely the puppy plush! So cute!

  8. criss999 says:

    I love love love the stuffed puppy

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