Countryside Christmas Room Theme


The Countryside Christmas room theme will only be available on the Webkinz Mobile app, but it works perfectly with the Christmas Cabin room theme. Once your pets are well rested, they can leave the cabin and explore the beautiful countryside… just make sure they bundle up!



This theme will only be available from December 1st – 31st, so you’ll want to get it before it’s gone! But remember, it’s only available on the Webkinz mobile app… You’ll find it in the Mobile Zone section of the mobile W-Shop.



Download the Webkinz mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t find anywhere else!


The Webkinz Mobile app is now available for FREE at the  App Store … and at the Google Play Store



12 Responses to Countryside Christmas Room Theme

  1. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    Thanks again for removing the deluxe tag on the items. I was able to COMPLETELY redecorate my conservantory with frozen creek tiles because of this :)

  2. ringneck1 says:

    Of course it’s on mobile >:(

  3. dixieandi says:

    I traded to get some of these items a few months back. Should have waited.

  4. PhilIS says:

    WOAH THIS THEME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to buy tons of the wallpaper and floor, they are so beautiful!!!! Everything about this theme is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  5. earpsisters22 says:

    will it cost e-store points or Kinz Cash?

  6. KarenaJ says:

    I was hoping for an older theme to be on mobile.

  7. tinygma says:

    Now come on the bench makes a SWEET Christmas gift . REMEMBER placed just right so snow is HIDDEN you can use it like Holly bench in a SUMMER GARDEN !!

    • tinygma says:

      I almost forgot the NORTH POLE SIGN would look awesome HERE !! I need to find my melting chocolate table for my chocolate room and new dispencer just feeling like 30sec. M&Ms warm all inside ;)

  8. Wizardsroost says:

    Mobile. Grrrrrrrr. Bah humbug!!!

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