Daily Giveaway Schedule


Log in to your Webkinz Classic account to get a free Kinzville Academy themed prize every day! Your prize will be automatically added to your Dock as soon as you log in.


Here’s a look at this year’s schedule:



The Kinzville Academy basketball uniform is a brand new outfit you can collect during the Super School Giveaway, but we also have matching “away” uniforms that you can collect from Webkinz Newz, starting on August 25!


From August 25 – September 10, look for the floating gift box and click on it to send it back to your Webkinz Classic account (limited to 1 gift box a day, per account). When you drag the gift box into your room, you’ll get one piece of an “away” uniform. There are 3 Kinzville Academy “away” team uniforms to collect: basketball, soccer and football!



Don’t miss a day of the Super School Giveaway!



19 Responses to Daily Giveaway Schedule

  1. Roxy616 says:

    Thank you so much for the great floaty-clicky prizes being offered on Webkinz Newz during the Super School Giveaway, but I’m confused as to how these are awarded and if there is only a floating bus or if there is supposed to be a floating gift box as well. If so, I’m not seeing the gift box popping up on my screen…only the bus. Is there an actual floating gift box, like it says in the announcement above, and is this a separate floaty-clicky event from the KVA school bus now floating on WKN or is this one and the same? I clicked on the bus for each of my five accounts early this morning, and logged in with one of my account names each time the pop-up message appeared that I had been awarded a prize, but there was no notification on the Message Center of any of my accounts that a prize was awarded, nor any gift boxes showing under the “Special Items” tab. Are the bus prizes awarded directly to your dock or is there supposed to be some kind of gift box that should show up in “Special Items”? Any help clearing this up would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for the awesome events and prize giveaways and for all you do…the Webkinz team and talented designers are truly amazing!!!

    • Fedorovgirl says:

      I’m confused because the article above says “From August 25 – September 10, look for the floating gift box and click on it to send it back to your Webkinz Classic account (limited to 1 gift box a day, per account).” I haven’t seen any floating gift boxes on either of my accounts. I have seen the purple school bus floaty-click here on Webkinz Newz but didn’t get any prizes despite getting messags saying I’d be sent the gift box.

    • Sumshak says:

      the floating buses are only on WKN and clicking them should send the gift box to your special items. that’s where I found mine, but maybe you had a glitch with yours.

  2. mimi1960 says:

    i didnt receieve eitercitem for day one and two

    • Fedorovgirl says:

      @mimi1960–The event started August 25, so there is only one day’s prize/prizes that has presumably been given out so far. I think the problem is that when it says an event is going to start on a certain day, people like me assume it means the start of that day in WEBKINZ TIME—ie. the time on the clock in your Classic Webkinz account. I think that’s reasonable to assume given that that’s when everything else is reset. Obviously this didn’t happen with the purple bus floaty-clicky as some people got their prize (I’m assuming they clicked on it later in the day), others didn’t. We need some kind of clarification about this :/

  3. Tally says:

    the report cards and worksheets are amazing items, so great for personalizing a room! so cute, love these

  4. outgoinglyshy says:

    Oh no! I am so excited for that Kettledrum but we are expecting a direct hit from hurricane Henri on Sunday. That means we will most likely lose power and service for days. Will there be another chance to get the drum at a later date? I would never miss it but this might be out of anyone’s control here. :(

    • cowtown2 says:

      I hope the storm is not bad, be safe, these will come back I hope it’s so hard we loose power allot in winter, here, we have storms, allot, I loose power during the Christmas, giveaways, maybe they will be back to, and more ways to win, I try to always look in trading rooms, for items I miss, except when they are only one, it makes it so hard to get, I wish it wasn’t, that away the retired things, go so fast, and we miss out, but keep up the faith, everything will work out, be safe,

      • Elizabeh says:

        I have been asking for more bows; headbands; and socks for years ! Webkinz HAS put out more headbands, but I have missed them all as I was ill and missed several years. Drats ! lol

      • outgoinglyshy says:

        Thank you! We were actually spared the worse as the storm turned to the east at the last minute. Last year we lost power and services for over a week when tropical storm Isiaiahas hit. So, it looks like I will have time to do the challenge after all. Seems silly I guess to worry about an online game when safety is concerned, but I spend part of every day in WW. :)

    • Elizabeh says:

      Hope it missed you. We had narrow shave also tho I suspect I am far away. If you miss it let me know; I have several accts. and will send you one. U N is noonesfriend

  5. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my gosh! Basketball uniforms now too? FANTASTIC!!!

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    Away uniforms – AWESOME! Great idea team! The Super School Giveaway is always one of my favorite events of the year (even though I know that it heralds the beginning of another school year, but at least you guys are doing all that you can to make the best of it!)

  7. ojibwa says:

    Love all these prizes! Can’t wait!

  8. alucard says:

    A basketball uniform! Awesome! Love all the new (to me, at least) items like the report cards and the sheet music! Perfect for my band classroom! :-)

  9. webkinz57fun says:

    Love having an “away” uniform too! You guys think of everything! Thank you!

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