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Hello, lovely readers! It is I, Fiona Feathers, here with more of your questions received at the KinzPost! If you’re curious, I’ve also previously answered mail here. Now, what’s in the mailbag today?


Dear Webkinz,


What was the first Webkinz ever?


Your friend,


Sophia in Indiana


Great question, Sophia! I asked around for you and the answer is that there was no first Webkinz, there were actually a first SET of Webkinz. They were released in 2005: Golden Retriever, Black Bear, Pig, Cow, Lion, Elephant, and Hippo. To learn more, give the “A Brief History of Webkinz” episode of Podkinz a listen here (or on iTunes)!


Dear Webkinz,


The Tigerlily Pup is AWESOME! I love its colors. When can I adopt one for my own?




Emma in Arizona



Hi, Emma! I completely agree with you, the Tigerlily Pup is one cute pet! Lucky for all of us, you can adopt them in the W Shop beginning June 4. Not much longer to wait!



Dear Webkinz,


Most Webkinz have different prints like Hawaiian, floral or just any really cool ones. How do you figure out what prints you put on your animals?




Jada in Utah


What a cool question! The Plush department at Ganz comes up with different plush designs based on fabric prints they come across that they really love. Sometimes these prints help them decide which pet to make; for instance, the Aloha Dolphin is made from a bright and festival tropical flower print, which just makes sense, doesn’t it? But of course, the Plush designers always make sure they love the print before they decide to make a pet with it — that way every Webkinz is a cuddly collectible that fans will love, too!


Want to write to Webkinz? Send your letters to:


60 Industrial Parkway
Cheektowaga, NY

61 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona!

  1. Jenny17 says:

    ^-^ Erbody here got good reasons to love me, right? xD

  2. BH1464 says:

    When might we see some new Ganz Rewards on Webkinz News? I have lots of points to spend. I’ve already bought enough of everything currently available & I would love to spend some more points on something new.

  3. Wycklyn says:

    i would like to know more about the stadium/classes connection. also, is it possible to have maybe micro-mini events where some of us more normal folks could have a chance of winning? these things with 20 pets take forever to get started and i’m never in the top five. also what are the cooking and grooming classes for? do they also help with stadium events? thx!

  4. CrazyCatCrib says:

    could we possibly earn estore points with the jobs at the employment office?

    • winterwarrior13 says:

      That is a great suggestion! I can’t buy e-store points, so I can’t get any of the wonderful new pets and items from the e-store. I hope that Ganz comes out with a way for normal Webkinz members to earn points soon! Just as CrazyCatCrib said, the employment office would be an ideal place.

      • Priceless says:

        That would be very wonderful but Estore points you usually have to buy with money…and if you got enought for a pet it would mean that you get the pet for free sorta…and the only time they gave out a free pet (I think) is the Hopping Bunny Promotion. But hopefully there will be some easier way to get Estore Points!

      • paperclip00 says:

        Webkinz is a free website. And most free Websites have things like this were you have to pay for online money with real money, or pay to be something like a deluxe member. I think that Webkinz will always be stressing this. SO DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU.

    • JaneOfAllTrades says:

      That would be a cool idea but it should only be like 50-100 points if you do a good job. They shouldn’t make it too easy since they are selling e-store points.

      • Wycklyn says:

        yeah. that would be just right. that way, if you’re poor like me, you could save up your points to get something once in a while that you couldn’t ever get otherwise.

    • SMHbffs123 says:

      Or if you cant buy them Regular members shoud get them monthly to, But like 100 or 50 every month. But the problem is you need to lower the pets prices a bit on the W shop. They are a lot of e store points and not to many people’s parents buy stuff like that. Again just a helpful tip ~SMHbffs123~ :)

    • 7402 says:

      I so agree I only have 2,000 want more bad!!!!!!

  5. 50ishwebbies says:

    thanks Fiona! Here’s a Wednesday question for you: WHEN WILL FISH BE ABLE TO WEAR CLOTHES ON THEIR LOWER HALF? We all would LOVE some dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, skorts, sox, shoes, heels, and and and for our FISH Fashionistas!

  6. davidm5 says:

    Cool… I was also wondering how they choose the prints.

  7. pingpongkitties says:

    Lots of great information Fiona – thanks! I was wondering if you know or could find out what is the significance of the number 27 which appears on a few of the items in the automotive theme? Just curious….

  8. kissesalloveryourfac says:

    my building kit friend request for items is not working. My friends say they aren’t getting them to send me stuff …!

  9. Clau says:

    I like reading this letters. :D

  10. everyis2 says:

    so the tigerlily is for estore points ??

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