Haunted Reading Room


From October 20 – 31, look for the ghost in the Reading Room at the Webkinz Clubhouse and click on it to collect candies. Collect all 12 to win a ghoulish Grand Prize!



You can collect candy from the ghost every 6 hours. You may want to feed the candy to your pets, or keep them as special Halloween souvenirs! Here’s a look at this year’s candies:



Want to find out what the Grand Prize will be for collecting all 12 candies? Stay tuned… Mandy and Michael will be revealing this year’s Grand Prize on a special Halloween episode of Podkinz.


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10 Responses to Haunted Reading Room

  1. creek4kids says:

    Yay! Looking forward to this!

  2. nanamama12 says:

    I see a new treat to add to my collection!!!! My pets will be more than happy to eat all of the extras!!!!

  3. tinygma says:

    OH these are too real especally 1 . I actually lost a tooth once eating a carmel it was a Rollo . So interesting memories here :)

  4. Elfinlike says:

    great looking treats….can hardly wait to see the Grand Prize!!! I love watching podkinz with Michael & Mandy!

  5. creek4kids says:

    Oooh. I wonder what the prize is.

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