Nattie’s Room Design Gallery


Nattie is a previous Room Design Award winner and won a trophy for the “Springtime in Bunny Hollow” room design back in April, 2017.


Nattie’s room designs are detailed and carefully crafted. I love how Nattie places pets in each “scene” to bring the room designs to life.


Here are 5 of Nattie’s room designs that have never been featured in a room design post… Enjoy!







Congratulations Nattie and thank you for being a special guest judge for the Room Design Awards!



12 Responses to Nattie’s Room Design Gallery

  1. puppies4me says:

    Nattie, Very clever rooms. I like your Garden Shed the best. I really wish I had one in RL, so it is very likely I would have voted for it if I could! Congratulations on being chosen a guest judge! (P.S. Where did that precious calico kitty plushy come from?)

  2. ggram says:

    Nattie, Congratulations for being a guest judge, and I want to tell you that we appreciate your wonderful designs. All of them show that you are telling a story and that you have a great eye for design. Thanks for sharing.

  3. KSC says:

    Hi Nattie! Congratulations on being chosen as a guest judge! I love your room designs! Thank you for providing inspiration with such wonderful designs :)

  4. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Wow, these are such wonderful rooms!! Congratulations on having them featured (and being one of the guest judges) Nattie– your designs are truly a work of art! ;D (I especially love your “Day at the Lake” room… it’s super cute!)

  5. dixiecup says:

    Oh Nattie! I love the Boot Hill room! Complete with a Duel at High Noon, your Wise Sheriff keeping a close eye out for fair play. Your rooms always tell a tale and are so very detailed. Every time I look I can see something new. CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen to as a guest judge. You will do fantastic!

  6. fancyduck58 says:

    Nattie, your rooms are beautiful- congratulations on being a judge, well deserved!!!!

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