New Superbed!


There is a new Superbed to collect! The next time you receive a Superbed Gift Box, take a look for the NEW Cozy Yacht Bed! Your pet will just love napping in the lap of luxury!




To make room for this new Superbed, we’ve also retired the Stardust Dreams Bed.



Super Bed Gift Boxes are awarded to players when they adopt their 10th Webkinz pet and every 5th adoption after that. Drag and drop a Super Bed Gift Box into your pet’s room to choose the bed you’d like added to your account. Once you pick a bed it will be added to your Dock.


What do YOU think of the new Superbed? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. cmsrockz1 says:

    Does anyone know how to still get the stardust dream bed? thanks CMSROCKZ

  2. cmsrockz1 says:

    I do not like the new super bed.. I do not have the I do not have the stardust dream bed I would really love to have it.I also do not look forward to the monthly gift deluxe any more the gifts are not that good and the choices they give you to choose are awefull always the same things .My grand children do not like them either.been doing webkinz since 2007 and the deluxe boxes then you looked forward to getting them each month.Have a great day all. CMSROCKZ

    • tinygma says:

      CMSROCKS1 HI Dear Friend I am also a grandma but now alone . Ages not known here but I retire in 6 months. Hug those grandbabies all you can. You teach them not just how to be an adult but HOW to be a GRANDMA !! Much more important because you touch THEIR GRANDCHILDRENS LIVES without being there ;) !! <3 I play with my grandbabies also :) ! Love WEBKINZ !!

      • cmsrockz1 says:

        Thank you my friend tinygma I have really enjoyed having you on my friends list.It is good to know that we have older people our age on webkinz.I have been disabled since 2002. retirement now 3 years.My username is one my grandson started when he out grew playing webkinz I just kept his account.My three grandchildren live with me.I thank God each day for being able to hug them.Have a blessed day my friend. CMSROCKZ

        • tinygma says:

          cmsrocks Hi I started playing with my grandson and still play he is almost to high school now I wil retire in Dec . Arthritis in hands from lifting patients for 20 years. WEBKINZ helps keep my hands limber okaying , some challenges are very hard . 8 grandchildren but I have only 4 close . I raised 1 to age 8 we played here together . Others close come and visit. God love em all . Well SO GLAD TO MEET YOU PLEASE HAVE FUN !! Send nothing special you really need ! I havent been playing but a few years so I dont have the 1st few year items . I trade often and just have fun . SO ENJOY NICE TO MEET YOU !! BEST OF LUCK this is a great game to DE-STRESS with a lot of peeps around ;) .

  3. sprinkle5 says:

    I like the bed but like so many others, I would have much preferred the hockey puck stay on the hockey field. Webkinz, can you tell me when the Haunted Toilet will be fixed? Its still grey boxes and my ghosts and goblins are tired of wearing depends. Thanks.

  4. dixiecup says:

    I love the yachting cap on top as the bed. That is so cute!

  5. kitkat2004 says:

    I cant believe they retired the star dust bed!! That one was so pretty!! I wish i would have gotten it, and to be honest, i really dislike the new super bed…dont get me wrong that if you like to go boating, you will love it!! But in my opinion, this is a very boring bed. It looks like webkinz just needed a new super bed and came out with a very boring one!!! In my opinion, (sorry i keep saying that) webkinz should make a country bed!! Anyway, my point is that if webkinz wants to make a super bed, it should be more super, ya know?? NOTE: IF YOU THINK THIS BED SHOULD BE MORE SUPER, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS COMMENT

  6. Prettypikachu says:

    I am not a big fan of the brand-new Super Bed to be quite honest. I loved the sparkles and colors of the Stardust Dreams Bed, and now it is retired for good. @harmoniiand This bed (Stardust Dreams Bed) happens to be the one and only Super Bed I own on my account, and I have played since Christmas 2011. I guess I am not really an – uh, fan of helicopters. Even without the helipad, I still think that there have been better Super Beds designed. I really love the boat part of this Super Bed, however! I am not exactly stating that it is a bad design/item in Webkinz World, I don’t even have it! (No offense to the people who like this Super Bed) I love that GANZ is making new things, and Dr. Quack is now Mayor and giving updates – I think it is great! I love how GANZ is active with Webkinz – it makes us feel happy! @harmoniieandmelodie: I do agree! I would love to have retirements/new items announced in advance; it would be nice! But with the unannounced retirements, it somehow seems to become more rare to the people that have that item since players aren’t trying to grab one before it’s gone, therefore, making less of that particular item into the game, and making that item more rare than it would have been! There are so many things to think about – I am not playing for rares, I am playing for fun. People just want to get rare, and I was lucky to have the retiring Super Bed!!! I almost agree and disagree with you! @megamom12 Indeed, Mr. Mayor Quack will be in the park next month – maybe he will uncover some of the things that he has planned for Webkinz World, and maybe he will start making retiring announcements beforehand. I voted for Amanda Panda; but then again, Dr. Quack takes great care of our pets – good thing that they don’t get sick anymore! I agree with the Wish Machine Statement! How will I ever save 300 tokens to get the Raziel Slide or the Willow’s Tree? I have been playing for about 6 years now and I have collected LESS THAN 50 tokens – this should be fixed! Thanks for all you do, GANZ, and thank you to the Webkinz Newz Community. ~ PrettyPika ~

    • Prettypikachu says:

      Whoo, so sorry for the long post! I didn’t realize this was so long; I know taht too long of posts are against GANZWORLD rules. Sorry, again! I guess I have many opinions, lol!

    • kitkat2004 says:

      I totally agree with you!! I have also been playing webkinz(this is my 7 year) and i have estimated probally less then 100 tokens!! (maybe 150) but something should be done about it!! Do you know the dates when Mayor Quack will come to the park?

    • tinygma says:

      AMANDA PANDA WAS going to ANNOUNCE RETIRMENTS !! SHE was not VOTED in as MAYOR (SAD SAD SAD) DOC is going to give SUPER FOOD :( I have food a plenty . Just add an extra garden of pumpkins . NEXT TIME NEXT TIME AMANDA !! BUT WEBKINZ CAN DO THE RIGHT THING and ANNOUNCE IF THEY REALLY wanted to !!

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      Hey boogirl! It’s alright that you made a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post! I sometimes get carried away with my typing and accidentally post a really long comment! =) I didn’t voted for Amanda Panda. I voted for Sally Cat. I can’t remember is there was an “E” in Sally. Hmm, I didn’t notice the part where Amanda Panda said that there would be a post where items are retiring soon. But that WOULD be really cool! Especially if one of the members in GanzWorld could be mayor of Kinzville! XD That probably won’t happen though. But it would be cool, right? And I think it’s okay to post long comment when you’re posting a story on Webkinz Newz. Heh, I would REALLY enjoy if there was a faster way to get Wish Tokens and get the prizes. My older sister has over 630 Wish Tokens. She still hasn’t bought anything yet. She’s waiting for a cooler prize, you know? But by the way, if you put in too many Wish Tokens in the Wish Factory, the token collector will just gobble it up. (As in take it away and not give it back to you.) That’s what happened to my older sister. So, I’m just warning you. I’ve been a member since 2005!

  7. foxmillionair says:

    I have the stardust dream bed in my room i guess it will be a good item to trade at the clubhouse now but i dont really like the new bed

  8. harmoniieandmelodie says:

    i really wish you would announce which super beds, wish machine, and similar items would be retiring……. BEFORE they are removed …… to give members a chance to get them……. you buy the one you “think” could be on the chopping block and guess wrong……. even a week before would HELP

    • nanskinz says:

      I agree with you 100% harmoniiandmelodie. We’re never given the opportunity to purchase any item before it’s already been retired!! Sad…

    • tinygma says:

      AMANDA PANDA PROMISED TO ANNOUNCE RETIRMENTS and other thing but SHE DID NOT WIN election . Dr Quack offered a magical food that make pets energys faster but I have not yet seen this magic food. I voted AMANDA maybe next time peeps will vote her in ;) .

      • megamom12 says:

        Mayor Quack will be in the park starting next month. I think that we will be hearing more from him after that. I’m also looking forward to the new recipes. Perhaps even though Amanda Panda didn’t win we will still get a heads up before items retire. The most important thing that I want to hear about the Wish Machine is an adjustment in the amount of coins needed for some of the new prizes. Even if you are lucky enough to get one coin a day it would still take nearly a YEAR to get say…the bed. I like earning coins for the prizes as much as any other player, but that is ridiculous.

        • tinygma says:

          NO HEADS UP befor retirments and any thing that retires, AMANDA promised this but Doc did not . Remember JJumble Berry retired the MOONBERRY TUB. ONLY tub for Halloween I was ready to get a couple but they were GONE !! Somethings are hard to forget or forgive. Till Doc is gont other things will disapear. Retirments are so important to us WEBKINZ doean’t seam to know.

          • kitkat2004 says:

            you never know…Mayor Quack might announce retirments!! But Amanda Panda didn’t promise good health and new items, games, etc.

          • tinygma says:

            WEBKINZ MUST CHOOSE to do the right thing and ANNOUNCE RETIRMENTS !!! WE JUST ASK depending on the GAME and what is to retire IF you could give us a 1 or 2 weeks . Like I said some games like JUMBELBERRY it takes a long time to get to the prize . Others shorter time we just want a FAIR CHANCE to get a retireing item BEFOR IT RETIRES !!

  9. Webkinzluver5 says:

    I can forget ever getting a Super Bed then :(

    • harmoniieandmelodie says:

      I don’t know what you mean, but you get a super bed box when you adopt pet 10 and every 5th pet after that – 15, 20, 25, etc. One bed was retired not all of them.

    • tinygma says:

      When you do get one choose an older bed that you like HOPEFULLY befor it retires or any bed you just plain like. We all do something different . I don’t have them all my self . I do have 1 of the bed that retired it is in an underwater room for my blossom turtle. It looks awesome underwater with anemony around it with 1 opening it seams to just kinda fit in like one.

  10. Tertulia says:

    Looks like a hockey puck on a boat.

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