Play Days!

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  1. zootzoot says:

    The floating school desk never showed up for sale

  2. natalie13 says:

    Is Webkinz extending THE Play Days? Webkinz is down today Aug.10 ? We need the Neon tutu today? Whats wrong? Anybody?

  3. quiltingqueen2 says:

    How do you use the money that you get? It is a coin and I don’t know how to cash it for kinzcash. Thanks

  4. cassiesgram says:

    Thank you Ganz, this was a wonderful gift to get. I am sure everyone appreciates this past weekend. But I just got on and the site is down I still need the last piece of the neon tutu recipe!!!!!

  5. LiveLoveLaugh1805 says:


  6. Kcriordan8 says:

    How many neon tutu floating recipe items could you get?? If more than one, please send yesterday’s, August 9ths to kcriordan8. That would be awesome. If anyone missed Fridays I could send mine to them if nobody can send me Saturdays. Thanks!

  7. kissme11101 says:

    what was the second item for the neon tutu

  8. PirateWolf11 says:

    What was the second neon tutu item? I accidentally sold mine. DX

  9. Kassey7889 says:

    love it! Username in webkinz world : Kassey7889. Please friend me

  10. bminemier1 says:

    Can someone tell me where these items are in the Wshop? It says they are 70% off but I can’t find them. Thanks for any help you can give! Bountiful Bubble Blower, Wide Wheels Motorcycle, Pretzel Roller Coaster, Magic Broomstick, Water Balloon Catapult, Ice Cream Cannon, Floating School Desk, Gum Fall Slide, Out of Control Pie Maker, Pastry Trampoline.

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