Podkinz Minis – Berry Fest!


Mandy and Michael show off the prizes you can win by feeding your pets Berry Fest berries. Berry Fest runs until June 28 on Webkinz Classic.



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20 Responses to Podkinz Minis – Berry Fest!

  1. 2diamonds12 says:

    Mandy I have a suggestion for next year’s Berry Fest, How about a stuffy or trophy like the Yeti holding up the polarberry & GooGoo Berry of the challenge icon in our rooms ?

  2. Rachelgirl says:

    I love the size of the bears. I have several bears already, yay!

  3. TRINSTER says:

    The bears are awesome! I love the size of them — some of the plushies are hard to see, but not these!

  4. carn980 says:

    So cute thank you again

  5. emster7 says:

    For the last couple of days, all the berries I’ve been getting are for the JF game, so I’m not getting prizes.

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Hi emster7! Don’t forget to collect your daily Polarberry and Goo-Goo Berry from Today’s Activities. You can also spin the Wheel of Yum at Today’s Activities for the chance to win more rare berries.

  6. sosotto says:

    Hey Mandy Webkinz! I just wanted to say thank you for wearing my bow it relay means so much!!!!! Webkinz is the best I’ve had my account for a long time! And I can’t imagine my day without webkinz! Thank you webkinz team for this incredible game!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Porschexx says:

    i cant seem to find any berries floating across my screen. is there a glitch going on?

    • adventur3snail says:

      You might have to sit in your house for a while not doing anything else and wait for them to spawn, I find when I’m going place to place quickly while doing my dailies, they don’t seem to spawn much.

  8. lilsmom04 says:

    The bears are so cute!! I can’t wait to finish my collection.

  9. TropicalGirl says:

    Berry Fest is one of my favorite events of the year and I’m so glad it’s here! Mandy, keeping track of every fan-designed item for every Podkinz might be a tall order lol! Thanks for another great Podkinz, Michael and Mandy!

  10. sosotto says:

    OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! MANDY WEBKINZ IS WEARING MY BOW!!!!!!! I love these prizes I have Both the bears and two of the Polerberry wigs!!!

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