Sneak Peek: What is Webkinz X?


It’s already been a busy year with the 10th anniversary of Webkinz World, but we’ve only just begun!


This summer we will be debuting Webkinz “X”, the next step in the continuing evolution of Webkinz!


Webkinz X will be a huge leap forward in the look and feel of the game, keeping everything you love, but adding some new and exciting elements!


Here’s the first sneak peek image, showing one of the new things that will play an important part of the new Webkinz X:





Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more sneak peek reveals of Webkinz X –it will definitely make Webkinz World “Xtra” exciting!


Want to know MORE about Webkinz X? Read our second sneak peek article here.


What secrets do YOU think Webkinz X has in store for players? Let us know in the comments below!


464 Responses to Sneak Peek: What is Webkinz X?

  1. Stroomary says:

    I miss the old webkinz…

  2. locococoapuff says:

    the site has been EXTREMELY slow and glitchy since Webkinz X came out :(

  3. 5k3TchY says:

    I am SO looking forward to this!!

  4. CoolRossillongirl says:

    Hmmmm….. maybe they are closing Webkinz for a little bit? IDK but I don’t know (and yes I realized that I said idk twice) if I should be sad, scared, or both. PLEASE INFORM ME IF YOU CAN (or when you can) ABOUT THIS STUFF!.

  5. snowdog2002 says:

    Hey I am all for improvements and I would love being able to do more interactive stuff but last time a major change happened I lost the ability to play some of the old arcade games, go to the vacation island, and to do some of the daily activities just because I wouldn’t shell out extra money for a deluxe account! I have been a member since 2007, Ganz! Change should be good for all not just those who can afford to pay extra to get the full fun of it! Make it really “free to play” not free to play if you only want half to a third of the fun! if a major change is to happen then webkinz should be a more equal play site, with more interactive activities.

  6. rexprice says:

    Okay. They might have us get webkinz x pets, and leave our old ones. We might restart and go over again. I miss the old webkinz. This might be an apocalypse at kinzville, or an evolution. This might be exiting. On one of the clues, it has like a GTS feature with your house too. And on the other it has your pet’s happiness, hunger, and how much sleep it got. But this picture is very strange. This whole webkinz-x thing is strange, exiting, anticipated, and is probably a big risk to all our accounts and kinzville. If our pets are kicked out of the game, they would probably leave kinzville and probably journey, and make a village community. If we were viewing them if they traveled, they would probably appear and wander across our screens acting like glitches. Like i said, this might be an apocalypse, and a big one too. Hope webkinz and the pets will survive this.

  7. tempo says:

    I am not too sure about the changes they have planned. I sure hope it isn’t 3D. When they added the map as a big, new addition it just slowed everything down, made it hard to move around and they got rid of it on the start up. Thanks Goodness!!! I don’t want to see a lot of changes to the basic form of the site. I would like to see more changes in the WOW prizes or a major change in the SPREE prizes (except for the bed and couch and dresser they are all awful) and some of the other things have been the same forever and could really use some changes. But please, nothing that makes people have to pay more money. Ganz has done more than enough of that lately. I won’t pay real money to play a computer game! I love Webkinz and have lots of pets and a HUGE house but I will quit if they make too may more things cost really dollars or make only more things Deluxe. They are making too many things deluxe. It is not fair to take away so many parts of the game.

  8. dancingmonkey458 says:

    Hope it does not change the website at all. I love it the way it is.

  9. Lexi06WK says:

    You guys they are just making new changes they are not ruining the game and you all think they are but so yeah they got rid of dr.quack but maybe they are adding a new doctor to webkinz and adding even more things like a new shop or something maybe they are making new characters if it is big changes they are making then why don’t you just ignore them people if you don’t agree then just go off the game. sincerely lexi06WK

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