Trick or Treat Street Room Theme


Head to the W Shop to pick up one of the most anticipated Webkinz room themes ever: Trick or Treat Street! You’ll find the theme in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop. The buildings that are included in this theme work like fence pieces and can be displayed along the border of a room. Click on one of the homes to have your pet walk up to the door, ring the doorbell and yell trick-or-treat!


You’ll want to pick up multiples of each item before this theme is retired midnight, October 31st (EST). Don’t worry about stocking up with sidewalk tiles though. They will remain in the DECORATIONS section of the shop, under OUTDOORS, once Halloween is over. They just work too well with the street tiles you can also find in the W Shop:



Send Michael Webkinz your Trick or Treat room designs for the chance to be featured in a room design post, right here on Webkinz Newz. You can email them to



What is your all time favorite Webkinz Halloween room theme? Let us know in the comment section below…



13 Responses to Trick or Treat Street Room Theme

  1. alucard says:

    I don’t care for this theme as much as I had hoped too. I do love the tree, the hedge, the fence, and the bench. I do NOT like the buildings! Not crazy about the lamp either. Would have been nice if the light had flickered or the little flag had waved with the wind. This was “suppose” to be a HALLOWEEN theme, not a “Let’s have a friendly happy Halloween” Theme! Not everything on this planet HAS to be “family friendly” or “child friendly”! As an adult player here, and spending my hard earned money on this site, I just wish they had stuck with the original concept art of the Trick or Treat Street. It should have been more spooky! And, why couldn’t Webkinz release all the Haunted Hotel Theme instead of a couple of items? Why not bring back the Haunted House Theme and the Freaky Forest Theme? Why not have more Halloween Pumpkin Themed items? Why not give those of us who missed out on some of the themes a chance to get them, without having the stress of going to the Trading Room? It shouldn’t take YEARS to get the items we want for out room designs! Sorry, don’t mean to complain, but this IS just a game, not REAL life! Webkinz should be FUN, NOT stressful!

    • CarmelReidy says:

      I really hope this is a troll lmao. Bruh this is literally a children’s game. The Quizzy’s question section literally has age ranges, and they’re like 8 to 13 LOL. Yes not everything should be “family friendly”, but a kid’s game probably is gonna be family friendly LOL. If you’re pressed, go play an adult world-building game like Sims or something.

  2. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Cool! I’ve already bought a few items from this theme. I’m so glad everything is available to full members this year ^-^ I appreciate that! (And of course, I’m glad the items aren’t outrageously expensive, either. Great for those of us who never seem to have a lot of kinzcash on us!) I still wish the theme was more “Halloween-ish”, though ‘^^ I’m rather disappointed in how the houses and costume shop turned out, especially =/ (No fault to the design team; I know they try very hard to make everyone happy, but I don’t quite understand why a lot of these items had to be “toned down”, I guess) This looks more like an autumn or “year-round” theme as opposed to a Halloween theme. I suppose I’m a bit saddened by it, since I honestly looked very much forward to this theme getting released, at first– the concept art was amazing! Now, I wish one of the other two themes had won, instead *sigh* I guess we can’t always get what we want. I plan on buying a few houses and maybe a costume shop or two, though I won’t go “overboard” on purchasing those items, as I honestly don’t think I’ll ever really use them. My idea is to use the trees, hedges, streetlights, and tiles and combine them with some of the items from the freaky forest theme (which I honestly loved– I didn’t vote for that theme initially, but I have really grown to like it!), to make a room that’s at least a little spookier. May even use my spooky pup’s PSI (which is the haunted doghouse) in place of the houses from this theme. I think the WW team usually add a new item to seasonal themes once they’re in their second year, and if they plan on doing the same for this one, I say add a fourth, spookier-looking home! That’d be a very nice ‘gift’ for all of us who preferred the way this theme looked in the concept art =) Just food for thought! ^-^

  3. Serendipitydoda says:

    One thing is that Street Bench. Not really working for me. I suppose they had to make it that big to accommodate the visibility of the sign and the pumpkins. For me, the bench is large enough to throw off the proportion of the room I made. I tried to put it next to the Costume Shop and the bench is half the height of the building. It’s too big and doesn’t look quite right.

    • Serendipitydoda says:

      Sorry. Wanted to make an additional comment but no apparent way to edit my earlier remark. Anyways, placing the Street Bench away from the building seems okay-ish, but don’t want to place it near any of the buildings.

      • nanamama12 says:

        Seeing as I put my bench in the bottom left corner of my room away from the buildings I didn’t notice the perspective issue. Glad I made that choice then!

  4. webkinzwizard02 says:

    I absolutely love this theme! The houses and buildings aren’t over the top Halloween themed, and I found they look great as a backdrop for a few of my other rooms as well. You can always “plant” a few trees in the foreground to cover the pumpkins and bats on them if you use them in other rooms if you desire. Also, the tree is gorgeous and an added bonus for me is that they are large enough to hide a web roped hammock behind the tops of them so my pet has a place to sleep in their new trick or treat street room without anyone even seeing a bed in there! Great design from the artists at webkinz with this theme. You have really outdone yourselves! I love it so much that I already made 3 trick or treat street rooms and used various other items from the theme in about 4 other rooms. Thank you so much for such an awesome theme this year!

  5. nettne2 says:

    I see how you have theme arranged and the houses are covering the doorways. I was trying to arrange my room and have odd spaces to fill not sure what to use yet because I thought we are not supposed to cover doorways. Is it only if they connect to other rooms?

    • Serendipitydoda says:

      I find covering the doorways of a room is okay as long as you’re “teleporting” into the room using the House Map and not trying to walk your pet thru going from room to room. Covering the door spaces with furniture and stuff just seem to block the door function. As far as the uneven spaces, I found I still have a couple of Wrought Iron Fence pieces from a previous theme that filled in the blank spaces well. They were fence pieces of the type that actually went on the border of the room and not in the room itself. So, if you have any Semi-Private, Wrought Iron, or White Picket fence pieces…..

  6. KarenaJ says:

    This theme is amazing. I adore my rooms and it was so much fun to make them. Still working on one.

  7. obie987 says:

    I have had so much fun with this theme! Thanks Ganz!

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