Vote for the Next Room Theme!

It’s time to vote for the next room theme you would like to see added to the WShop! We hope that you have looked over each concept drawing carefully (CLICK HERE to see them again) because once the winning theme has been decided, the concept drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.


Remember, you only have until midnight Sunday, June 15th  to vote. Once we announce the winner, keep visiting Webkinz Newz. We’ll be showing off concept drawings as the theme is being created allowing YOU to leave feedback and offer ideas as to what we should name each item! Hailey and Elwin, do you have anything else to add?


Hailey: “I can’t wait to see which one will win! Don’t forget that you can vote once a day and each time you vote, you’ll receive 50 KinzCash!”


Elwin: “Let the voting begin!”




193 Responses to Vote for the Next Room Theme!

  1. elglooe says:

    I cant wait to see the clothing store in the Wshop!

  2. taliruq says:

    I voted for toadstool cause lots of the garden/enchanted/etc themes seem to be deluxe only! Clothing store is my second favorite though omg

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